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authorChris Metcalf <cmetcalf@tilera.com>2011-05-26 12:40:09 -0400
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arch/tile: more /proc and /sys file support
This change introduces a few of the less controversial /proc and /proc/sys interfaces for tile, along with sysfs attributes for various things that were originally proposed as /proc/tile files. It also adjusts the "hardwall" proc API. Arnd Bergmann reviewed the initial arch/tile submission, which included a complete set of all the /proc/tile and /proc/sys/tile knobs that we had added in a somewhat ad hoc way during initial development, and provided feedback on where most of them should go. One knob turned out to be similar enough to the existing /proc/sys/debug/exception-trace that it was re-implemented to use that model instead. Another knob was /proc/tile/grid, which reported the "grid" dimensions of a tile chip (e.g. 8x8 processors = 64-core chip). Arnd suggested looking at sysfs for that, so this change moves that information to a pair of sysfs attributes (chip_width and chip_height) in the /sys/devices/system/cpu directory. We also put the "chip_serial" and "chip_revision" information from our old /proc/tile/board file as attributes in /sys/devices/system/cpu. Other information collected via hypervisor APIs is now placed in /sys/hypervisor. We create a /sys/hypervisor/type file (holding the constant string "tilera") to be parallel with the Xen use of /sys/hypervisor/type holding "xen". We create three top-level files, "version" (the hypervisor's own version), "config_version" (the version of the configuration file), and "hvconfig" (the contents of the configuration file). The remaining information from our old /proc/tile/board and /proc/tile/switch files becomes an attribute group appearing under /sys/hypervisor/board/. Finally, after some feedback from Arnd Bergmann for the previous version of this patch, the /proc/tile/hardwall file is split up into two conceptual parts. First, a directory /proc/tile/hardwall/ which contains one file per active hardwall, each file named after the hardwall's ID and holding a cpulist that says which cpus are enclosed by the hardwall. Second, a /proc/PID file "hardwall" that is either empty (for non-hardwall-using processes) or contains the hardwall ID. Finally, this change pushes the /proc/sys/tile/unaligned_fixup/ directory, with knobs controlling the kernel code for handling the fixup of unaligned exceptions. Reviewed-by: Arnd Bergmann <arnd@arndb.de> Signed-off-by: Chris Metcalf <cmetcalf@tilera.com>
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