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authorTony Lindgren <tony@atomide.com>2011-11-11 10:15:11 -0800
committerTony Lindgren <tony@atomide.com>2011-11-11 10:15:11 -0800
commite9b7086b80c4d9e354f4edc9e280ae85a60df408 (patch)
tree2598427ece342e0cbe34c7521f81efb6caea33bd /arch/arm/mach-omap1/devices.c
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ARM: OMAP: Fix reprogramming of dpll1 rate
Commit a66cb3454f220f49f900646ebdc76cb943319eb7 (ARM: OMAP: Map SRAM later on with ioremap_exec()) moved the SRAM init to happen later to remove a dependency to early SoC detection for map_io. This broke booting on some boards not using Kconfig option for OMAP_CLOCKS_SET_BY_BOOTLOADER as the dpll1 reprogramming would cause the following error: kernel BUG at arch/arm/plat-omap/sram.c:226! Internal error: Oops - undefined instruction: 0 [#1] PREEMPT Modules linked in: CPU: 0 Not tainted (3.2.0-rc1-e3 #9) PC is at omap_sram_reprogram_clock+0x28/0x30 LR is at omap1_select_table_rate+0x88/0xb4 pc : [<c001b0c4>] lr : [<c0019f54>] psr: 600000d3 sp : c035bf10 ip : c035bf20 fp : c035bf1c r10: c035bfd4 r9 : 54029252 r8 : c03f8120 r7 : c0362b50 r6 : 00b71b00 r5 : c03873cc r4 : c0362b40 r3 : 00000000 r2 : c0362b40 r1 : 0000010a r0 : 00002cb0 Flags: nZCv IRQs off FIQs off Mode SVC_32 ISA ARM Segment kernel Control: 0000317f Table: 10004000 DAC: 00000017 Process swapper (pid: 0, stack limit = 0xc035a270) Stack: (0xc035bf10 to 0xc035c000) bf00: c035bf3c c035bf20 c0019f54 c001b0ac bf20: 00001000 00002cb3 00000004 c035ed4c c035bf74 c035bf40 c033ea24 c0019edc bf40: c02f526c 00000002 00000015 bc058c9b 93111a16 c035335c 02000000 c035ed4c bf60: c035ed4c c03f8120 c035bf84 c035bf78 c00194c4 c033e8ec c035bfc4 c035bf88 bf80: c033bc24 c00194a0 c035bf90 c035bf98 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 bfa0: 00000001 00000000 c0354678 c035ece4 10004000 103532f4 c035bff4 c035bfc8 bfc0: c0338574 c033b598 00000000 00000000 00000000 c035467c 0000317d c035c03c bfe0: c0354678 c035ece4 00000000 c035bff8 10008040 c0338508 00000000 00000000 Backtrace: [<c001b09c>] (omap_sram_reprogram_clock+0x0/0x30) from [<c0019f54>] (omap1_select_table_rate+0x88/0xb4) [<c0019ecc>] (omap1_select_table_rate+0x0/0xb4) from [<c033ea24>] (omap1_clk_init+0x148/0x334) r7:c035ed4c r6:00000004 r5:00002cb3 r4:00001000 [<c033e8dc>] (omap1_clk_init+0x0/0x334) from [<c00194c4>] (omap1_init_early+0x34/0x48) r8:c03f8120 r7:c035ed4c r6:c035ed4c r5:02000000 r4:c035335c [<c0019490>] (omap1_init_early+0x0/0x48) from [<c033bc24>] (setup_arch+0x69c/0x79c) [<c033b588>] (setup_arch+0x0/0x79c) from [<c0338574>] (start_kernel+0x7c/0x2f4) [<c03384f8>] (start_kernel+0x0/0x2f4) from [<10008040>] (0x10008040) r7:c035ece4 r6:c0354678 r5:c035c03c r4:0000317d Code: 0a000002 e1a0e00f e12fff13 e89da800 (e7f001f2) Fix this by adding omap1_clk_late_init() that only reprograms dpll1 if the bootloader rate is less than 60MHz. This also allows removing of the OMAP_CLOCKS_SET_BY_BOOTLOADER option. Reported-by: Aaro Koskinen <aaro.koskinen@iki.fi> Tested-by: Aaro Koskinen <aaro.koskinen@iki.fi> Signed-off-by: Tony Lindgren <tony@atomide.com>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/arch/arm/mach-omap1/devices.c b/arch/arm/mach-omap1/devices.c
index 48ef9888e82..475cb2f50d8 100644
--- a/arch/arm/mach-omap1/devices.c
+++ b/arch/arm/mach-omap1/devices.c
@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@
#include <plat/omap7xx.h>
#include <plat/mcbsp.h>
+#include "clock.h"
@@ -293,6 +295,7 @@ static int __init omap1_init_devices(void)
return -ENODEV;
+ omap1_clk_late_init();
/* please keep these calls, and their implementations above,
* in alphabetical order so they're easier to sort through.