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Documentation cleanup: trivial misspelling, punctuation, and grammar corrections.
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@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ struct file_system_type {
The get_sb() method has the following arguments:
- struct file_system_type *fs_type: decribes the filesystem, partly initialized
+ struct file_system_type *fs_type: describes the filesystem, partly initialized
by the specific filesystem code
int flags: mount flags
@@ -895,9 +895,9 @@ struct dentry_operations {
iput() yourself
d_dname: called when the pathname of a dentry should be generated.
- Usefull for some pseudo filesystems (sockfs, pipefs, ...) to delay
+ Useful for some pseudo filesystems (sockfs, pipefs, ...) to delay
pathname generation. (Instead of doing it when dentry is created,
- its done only when the path is needed.). Real filesystems probably
+ it's done only when the path is needed.). Real filesystems probably
dont want to use it, because their dentries are present in global
dcache hash, so their hash should be an invariant. As no lock is
held, d_dname() should not try to modify the dentry itself, unless