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authorSunil Mushran <sunil.mushran@oracle.com>2007-12-20 14:58:11 -0800
committerMark Fasheh <mark.fasheh@oracle.com>2008-01-25 15:05:43 -0800
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ocfs2: Local alloc window size changeable via mount option
Local alloc is a performance optimization in ocfs2 in which a node takes a window of bits from the global bitmap and then uses that for all small local allocations. This window size is fixed to 8MB currently. This patch allows users to specify the window size in MB including disabling it by passing in 0. If the number specified is too large, the fs will use the default value of 8MB. mount -o localalloc=X /dev/sdX /mntpoint Signed-off-by: Sunil Mushran <sunil.mushran@oracle.com> Signed-off-by: Mark Fasheh <mark.fasheh@oracle.com>
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@@ -72,3 +72,6 @@ commit=nrsec (*) Ocfs2 can be told to sync all its data and metadata
it at the default (5 seconds).
Setting it to very large values will improve
+localalloc=8(*) Allows custom localalloc size in MB. If the value is too
+ large, the fs will silently revert it to the default.
+ Localalloc is not enabled for local mounts.