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@@ -16,6 +16,16 @@ file systems on embedded devices.
- #address-cells, #size-cells : Must be present if the device has
sub-nodes representing partitions (see below). In this case
both #address-cells and #size-cells must be equal to 1.
+ - no-unaligned-direct-access: boolean to disable the default direct
+ mapping of the flash.
+ On some platforms (e.g. MPC5200) a direct 1:1 mapping may cause
+ problems with JFFS2 usage, as the local bus (LPB) doesn't support
+ unaligned accesses as implemented in the JFFS2 code via memcpy().
+ By defining "no-unaligned-direct-access", the flash will not be
+ exposed directly to the MTD users (e.g. JFFS2) any more.
+ - linux,mtd-name: allow to specify the mtd name for retro capability with
+ physmap-flash drivers as boot loader pass the mtd partition via the old
+ device name physmap-flash.
For JEDEC compatible devices, the following additional properties
are defined: