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Merge branch 'delete-mca' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulg/linux
Pull the MCA deletion branch from Paul Gortmaker: "It was good that we could support MCA machines back in the day, but realistically, nobody is using them anymore. They were mostly limited to 386-sx 16MHz CPU and some 486 class machines and never more than 64MB of RAM. Even the enthusiast hobbyist community seems to have dried up close to ten years ago, based on what you can find searching various websites dedicated to the relatively short lived hardware. So lets remove the support relating to CONFIG_MCA. There is no point carrying this forward, wasting cycles doing routine maintenance on it; wasting allyesconfig build time on validating it, wasting I/O on git grep'ping over it, and so on." Let's see if anybody screams. It generally has compiled, and James Bottomley pointed out that there was a MCA extension from NCR that allowed for up to 4GB of memory and PPro-class machines. So in *theory* there may be users out there. But even James (technically listed as a maintainer) doesn't actually have a system, and while Alan Cox claims to have a machine in his cellar that he offered to anybody who wants to take it off his hands, he didn't argue for keeping MCA support either. So we could bring it back. But somebody had better speak up and talk about how they have actually been using said MCA hardware with modern kernels for us to do that. And David already took the patch to delete all the networking driver code (commit a5e371f61ad3: "drivers/net: delete all code/drivers depending on CONFIG_MCA"). * 'delete-mca' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulg/linux: MCA: delete all remaining traces of microchannel bus support. scsi: delete the MCA specific drivers and driver code serial: delete the MCA specific 8250 support. arm: remove ability to select CONFIG_MCA
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31 = /dev/tap15 16th Ethertap device
- 36 block MCA ESDI hard disk
- 0 = /dev/eda First ESDI disk whole disk
- 64 = /dev/edb Second ESDI disk whole disk
- ...
- Partitions are handled in the same way as IDE disks
- (see major number 3).
+ 36 block OBSOLETE (was MCA ESDI hard disk)
37 char IDE tape
0 = /dev/ht0 First IDE tape