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[media] v4l: Correct definition of v4l2_buffer.flags related to cache management
V4L2_BUF_FLAG_NO_CACHE_INVALIDATE and V4L2_BUF_FLAG_NO_CACHE_CLEAN were define incorrectly in the documentation. Fix this by changing the documentation to match reality. Signed-off-by: Sakari Ailus <sakari.ailus@iki.fi> Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab@redhat.com>
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@@ -923,7 +923,7 @@ application. Drivers set or clear this flag when the
- <entry>0x0400</entry>
+ <entry>0x0800</entry>
<entry>Caches do not have to be invalidated for this buffer.
Typically applications shall use this flag if the data captured in the buffer
is not going to be touched by the CPU, instead the buffer will, probably, be
@@ -932,7 +932,7 @@ passed on to a DMA-capable hardware unit for further processing or output.
- <entry>0x0800</entry>
+ <entry>0x1000</entry>
<entry>Caches do not have to be cleaned for this buffer.
Typically applications shall use this flag for output buffers if the data
in this buffer has not been created by the CPU but by some DMA-capable unit,