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[media] DocBook: document V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK
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@@ -2360,6 +2360,16 @@ that used it. It was originally scheduled for removal in 2.6.35.
+ <section>
+ <title>V4L2 in Linux 3.1</title>
+ <orderedlist>
+ <listitem>
+ <para>VIDIOC_QUERYCAP now returns a per-subsystem version instead of a per-driver one.</para>
+ <para>Standardize an error code for invalid ioctl.</para>
+ <para>Added V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK.</para>
+ </listitem>
+ </orderedlist>
+ </section>
<section id="other">
<title>Relation of V4L2 to other Linux multimedia APIs</title>
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@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ Remote Controller chapter.</contrib>
- <firstname>Pawel</firstname>
+ <firstname>Pawel</firstname>
<contrib>Designed and documented the multi-planar API.</contrib>
@@ -130,9 +130,10 @@ applications. -->
- <authorinitials>mcc, po</authorinitials>
- <revremark>Documented that VIDIOC_QUERYCAP now returns a per-subsystem version instead of a per-driver one.</revremark>
- <revremark>Standardize an error code for invalid ioctl.</revremark>
+ <authorinitials>mcc, po, hv</authorinitials>
+ <revremark>Documented that VIDIOC_QUERYCAP now returns a per-subsystem version instead of a per-driver one.
+ Standardize an error code for invalid ioctl.
+ Added V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK.</revremark>
@@ -409,7 +410,7 @@ and discussions on the V4L mailing list.</revremark>
<title>Video for Linux Two API Specification</title>
- <subtitle>Revision 2.6.39</subtitle>
+ <subtitle>Revision 3.1</subtitle>
<chapter id="common">
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@@ -156,7 +156,8 @@ signed value.</entry>
<entry>Maximum value, inclusive. This field gives an upper
bound for <constant>V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_INTEGER</constant> controls and the
highest valid index for <constant>V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_MENU</constant>
+controls. For <constant>V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK</constant> controls it is the
+set of usable bits.
For <constant>V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_STRING</constant> controls the maximum value
gives the maximum length of the string. This length <emphasis>does not include the terminating
zero</emphasis>. It may not be valid for any other type of control, including
@@ -291,6 +292,15 @@ the menu items can be enumerated with the
<constant>VIDIOC_QUERYMENU</constant> ioctl.</entry>
+ <entry><constant>V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK</constant></entry>
+ <entry>0</entry>
+ <entry>n/a</entry>
+ <entry>any</entry>
+ <entry>A bitmask field. The maximum value is the set of bits that can
+be used, all other bits are to be 0. The maximum value is interpreted as a __u32,
+allowing the use of bit 31 in the bitmask.</entry>
+ </row>
+ <row>