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2008-10-24Add LINKTYPE_ names to the pcap-linktype man page, and include theguy1-3/+7
values, as those are not platform-dependent and appear in the per-file header of capture files. Note that the "10MB" in DLT_EN10MB, and the "IEEE802" in "DLT_IEEE802", are historical (so people don't think DLT_EN10MB is only for 10MB Ethernet). Don't describe the DLT_PFLOG header - it's in the format of a "struct pfloghdr" on the OS on which the file was saved, which is OS-dependent and release-dependent. Refer to the pcap-linktype man page in the pcap-savefile man page.
2008-10-23Add a man page describing the pcap file format.guy1-0/+123
Refer to it from the pcap_open_offline() and pcap_dump_open() man pages (so they are now generated). Update .cvsignore.