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2009-09-07handle->md.stat should be zeroed out when we initially allocated theGuy Harris1-0/+1
2009-05-04Updating Endace DAG ERF support.Stephen Donnelly1-2/+17
2008-04-14Turn close_op into cleanup_op; the routine that handles it can also beguy1-7/+12
2008-04-08From Stephen Donnelly: fix some compile errors from the conversion toguy1-8/+8
2008-04-04From Paolo Abeni and me: split pcap_open_live() into a "get a pcap_tguy1-69/+51
2008-02-02Explicitly check for a positive "cnt" argument, as at least some otherguy1-2/+2
2008-01-06Fix a typo; this fixes bug 1854436.guy1-2/+2
2007-11-09From Stephen Donnelly:guy1-29/+39
2007-11-05From Stephen Donnelly:guy1-62/+84
2007-10-30From Stephen Donnelly:guy1-96/+138
2007-10-04From Stephen Donnelly:guy1-38/+69
2007-09-29Based on work from Florent Drouin, split the 32-bit link-layer typeguy1-14/+35
2007-06-22From Stephen Donnelly of Endace:guy1-1/+41
2007-02-01From Florent Drouin: clean up resources when an open fails.guy1-35/+56
2007-01-29From Paolo Abeni:guy1-15/+2
2006-09-25From Stephen Donnelly: add support for new DAG ERF types.guy1-2/+34
2006-04-07From Stephen Donnelly:guy1-72/+113
2005-07-10Stephen Donnely says MTP3 and SCCP don't belong in the list of DLT_guy1-4/+2
2005-07-07From Stephen Donnelly: updates to the DAG support, to support theirguy1-234/+359
2005-05-03From Pawel Pokrywka: add support for requesting that only receivedguy1-1/+2
2005-04-03"install_bpf_program()" already sets "p->errbuf" to an error string ifguy1-5/+2
2005-01-21From Koryn Grant:guy1-5/+14
2004-11-10From Koryn Grant:guy1-21/+6
2004-03-23Add support for sending packets; includes contributions from Markguy1-1/+10
2004-01-30From Jesper Peterson: fix a couple of endianness problems.guy1-6/+6
2004-01-05From Jesper Peterson:guy1-407/+438
2003-12-18For devices that we have some reason to believe are real live Ethernetguy1-14/+35
2003-11-21Add a "pcap_get_selectable_fd()" API to get an FD on which you can do aguy1-1/+6
2003-11-20Add "getnonblock" and "setnonblock" operations, and set the functionguy1-1/+24
2003-11-20From Koryn Grant <koryn@endace.com> - DAG support enhancements and fixes:guy1-155/+220
2003-11-15Add _U_ to "rcsid[]" definitions, to eliminate "unused variable"guy1-2/+2
2003-11-04Add a "pcap_breakloop()" API to break out of the loop inguy1-3/+16
2003-10-02From Jesper Peterson:guy1-12/+16
2003-08-18From Jesper Peterson: for HDLC packet-over-SONET DAG captures, don'tguy1-25/+51
2003-07-25Updates from Jesper Peterson.guy1-43/+81
2003-07-25Add a "read" function pointer to the pcap_t structure, which handlesguy1-4/+3
2003-07-25Add a "set_datalink" function pointer to the pcap_t structure, whichhandlesguy1-4/+5
2003-07-25Add a "setfilter" function pointer to the pcap_t structure, whichguy1-4/+4
2003-07-25Add a "stats" function pointer to the pcap_t structure, which handlesguy1-2/+5
2003-07-25Add a "close" function pointer to the pcap_t structure, which handlesguy1-7/+10
2003-07-23From Jesper Peterson <jesper@endace.com>: support for capturing fromguy1-0/+530