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2002-12-12Add gencode support for DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO.guy1-1/+23
2002-12-06add BPF_ filters for misc. IS-IS PDU Typeshannes1-4/+69
2002-12-04fixed BPF generation of OSI over {CHDLC and ATM-LLC} frameshannes1-14/+67
2002-10-18Add support for RFC 2625 IP-over-Fibre Channel, mapping all the Linuxguy1-5/+72
2002-08-11Make "lane" behave like "vlan", i.e. have it tweak the interpretationguy1-184/+337
2002-08-08Redo the code generation for 802.11 MAC address tests to reorder theguy1-170/+191
2002-08-08Token Ring multicasts are handled the same way other 802.x multicastsguy1-4/+10
2002-08-08Add support for operations that test 802.11 SA or DA fields, and forguy1-17/+449
2002-08-06Support the "inbound" and "outbound" qualifiers on Linux cookedguy1-1/+22
2002-08-06Fix a typo in a comment.guy1-2/+2
2002-08-05Get rid of probably-unnecessary includes of <net/if.h>.guy1-5/+1
2002-08-02Include "IP6_misc.h" even on UNIX if __MINGW32__ is defined, as hadguy1-7/+12
2002-08-02Use <pcap-stdinc.h> only on Windows; on UNIX, selectively include, inguy1-1/+14
2002-08-01Added support for Win32, based on WinPcap.risso1-7/+7
2002-07-11Add SunATM support, based on code from Yen Yen Lim at North Dakota Stateguy1-74/+412
2002-07-11Add support for Frame Relay as a link-layer type; the header is theguy1-6/+87
2002-06-11whitespace cleanupitojun1-3/+3
2002-06-11tches #454 from yamt@mwd.biglobe.ne.jpitojun1-7/+7
2002-06-01Add comments to explain the incomplete definitions of "struct mbuf" andguy1-3/+3
2002-04-11Handle the three types of link layers:guy1-17/+77
2002-04-07Include <netdb.h> before <pcap-namedb.h>, as <netdb.h> is included toguy1-3/+3
2002-04-06There's no need to include <sys/socket.h> twice.guy1-2/+1
2001-12-18Free up both "registers" (scratch memory locations, really) used by anguy1-1/+2
2001-11-30Add support for DLT_PRISM_HEADER.guy1-1/+17
2001-11-12Zero out IPv6 mask before using it. This fixes expressions likefenner1-1/+2
2001-09-20Reset the VLAN flags when compiling a new expression.fenner1-2/+7
2001-07-03Fix a memory leak found by Miklos Szerediguy1-5/+13
2001-06-20Change from NetBSD, by Martin Husemann <martin@netbsd.org>:guy1-7/+7
2001-06-18Support for LocalTalk hardware, from Uns Lider <unslider@miranda.org>.guy1-1/+20
2001-06-10802.11 support, from Javier Achirica <achirica@ttd.net>.guy1-1/+19
2001-05-30Allow "ip6 proto ___" constructs.fenner1-1/+2
2001-05-10SCTP support from Armando L. Caro Jr. <acaro@mail.eecis.udel.edu>fenner1-2/+49
2001-04-17ARCNet support, from NetBSD.guy1-1/+95
2001-04-17Add support for NetBSD DLT_PPP_ETHER, as per the NetBSD libpcap.guy1-3/+13
2001-02-21Patch from NetBSD, by Klaus Klein <kleink@netbsd.org>, to support "vrrp"guy1-1/+20
2001-02-12ignore non-IP address.itojun1-1/+3
2001-01-28Add a "netbeui" keyword, which selects NetBEUI packets (LLC packets withguy1-1/+53
2001-01-15Check for all four types of IPX frame on DLT_LINUX_SLL captures.guy1-7/+37
2001-01-14I've seen captures with all four different flavors of IPX frames onguy1-44/+71
2001-01-14Handle STP (under the assumption that the "Bridging PDU"s that go overguy1-2/+33
2001-01-14Add "ipx", which checks for the LLC SAP for IPX as well as, on Ethernet,guy1-4/+76
2001-01-14Generate code to check for LLC SAP values on Linux cooked captures.guy1-6/+93
2001-01-14Support checking for protocols specified by an LLC SAP on FDDI, Tokenguy1-12/+165
2000-12-21Add support for a new link layer type DLT_LINUX_SLL, for use when doingguy1-9/+7
2000-12-16Handle DLT_NULL correctly - the AF_ value is in host byte order, whichguy1-8/+82
2000-12-12If the user specifies an Ethernet address in an expression such asguy1-1/+2
2000-12-12Make "pcap_compile_nopcap()" a wrapper around "pcap_open_dead()" andguy1-36/+8
2000-11-09correct "protochain" processing.itojun1-35/+23
2000-10-30When reporting an unknown data link type, print it in decimal, not hex,guy1-3/+3
2000-10-29Add a #define for the LSAP value for SNAP.guy1-6/+7