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2002-07-27Put the different implementations of "pcap_findalldevs()" into separateguy1-0/+3
source files, rather than having a pile of #ifdefs in "inet.c". Add code to the configure script to determine which implementation to use on the platform for which libpcap is being built. Add a "pcap_findalldevs()" implementation for Solaris 8 and later that handles IPv6 addresses.
2002-06-28Some versions of the HP C compiler can handle inlines, but not if theyguy1-3/+3
return a structure pointer. Check whether the C compiler can handle inline functions that return a structure pointer, not whether they can handle inline functions that return an int, as at least some versions of autoconf's AC_C_INLINE do.
2001-10-09If we have "/proc/net/dev", and don't have <ifaddrs.h> (i.e., don't haveguy1-0/+3
"getifaddrs()"), after processing the list returned by SIOCGIFCONF, scan "/proc/net/dev" for interface names, and add to the list of interfaces entries for those interfaces, with no associated addresses (if the interfaces were already added, with addresses, from the list returned by SIOCGIFCONF, they won't get added again). Clean up the error handling a bit.
2001-10-09We don't actually use HAVE_FREEIFADDRS, so there's no point in checkingguy1-3/+3
whether we have "freeifaddrs()" (we don't check whether we have "getifaddrs()", and if we have "getifaddrs()" but not "freeifaddrs()", we're stuck with leaking memory). Give the "any" device an instance number of INT_MAX, so it shows up after all other non-loopback devices. "getifaddrs()" sometimes appears to supply a destination address even for non-point-to-point interfaces (it did so on a FreeBSD 4.1 system); don't use the broadcast address it supplies if an interface isn't a broadcast interface, and don't use the destination address it supplies if an interface isn't a point-to-point interface. If we had an error constructing the list of interfaces, don't attempt to add the "any" device to the list.
2001-07-29From Scott Barron <sb125499@ohiou.edu>: use theguy1-3/+3
SOL_PACKET/PACKET_STATISTICS "getsockopt()" call, on Linux kernels that support it, to get packet statistics, so that we can report the number of dropped packets, and always use <linux/if_packet.h> to get definitions for PF_PACKET sockets, so that we don't depend on glibc's header files having been updated to support all the latest shiniest kernel features (many systems with 2.4[.x] kernels don't have a <netpacket/packet.h> that defines "struct tpacket_stats", for example, so we wouldn't have been able to support that kernel feature on those systems).
2001-01-17Sigh. Not all systems have <netinet/if_ether.h> - for example, at leastguy1-0/+3
some libc5 Linux systems don't - so we have to check whether it exists, and include it only if it does.
2000-12-22Regenerate "config.h.in" and "configure".guy1-0/+6
2000-07-30regenerated from configure.inassar1-0/+3