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2002-10-08Split the README items into "using BPF" and "using DLPI" items; if youguy1-12/+23
can use BPF, you don't need to have the latest DLPI driver or make sure it's loaded (and maybe we're finally at the point where you can use BPF). Reformat a bit. Note that the DLPI support has problems with DL_PROMISC_MULTI failing.
2002-05-31Add updates noting that the BPF devices and BPF driver might not existguy1-8/+24
until you run AIX's tcpdump at least once.
2001-11-17Note that we now attempt to work around AIX BPF's weirdness, indicateguy1-27/+41
that there may be compile-time or run-time problems with the workarounds, suggest that people send in a detailed report and fall back on DLPI if they have those problems, and suggest that if they construct fixes for the problems they send them to patches@tcpdump.org. Fix the white space.
2000-06-11*** empty log message ***mcr1-0/+46