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2002-08-03Remove directory names.guy1-2/+0
2002-08-03Add the include and source files used for building on Win32 to the listguy1-0/+23
2002-08-02Put the new files for Win32 into the tarball.guy1-0/+3
2002-07-27Put the different implementations of "pcap_findalldevs()" into separateguy1-0/+4
2002-07-11Add SunATM support, based on code from Yen Yen Lim at North Dakota Stateguy1-0/+2
2002-06-01Additional per-platform "prototypes for functions for which the OSguy1-0/+3
2002-05-24Add a README.hpux file, derived from the Ethereal one, givingguy1-0/+1
2001-09-09Reflect the renaming of "INSTALL" to "INSTALL.txt".guy1-1/+1
2001-04-17ARCNet support, from NetBSD.guy1-0/+1
2001-01-24Pick up the "README.tru64" file from Ethereal, and change it to refer toguy1-0/+1
2001-01-14I've seen captures with all four different flavors of IPX frames onguy1-0/+1
2000-12-21Add support for a new link layer type DLT_LINUX_SLL, for use when doingguy1-0/+1
2000-12-16The stuff in the "linux-include" directory is no longer needed, as we noguy1-2/+0
2000-12-01Update the platform-specific information for various platforms.guy1-0/+1
2000-10-28Tony Li's changes, from FreeBSD, to support filtering for OSI packetsguy1-0/+1
2000-10-21Add "lbl/os-osf4.h" to declare "snprintf()" and "vsnprintf()", toguy1-0/+1
2000-10-10Include the license file as one of the files in the tarball.guy1-0/+1
2000-07-16Add CREDITS and README.aix to the list of files in the tarball.guy1-2/+6
2000-07-16Include "config.h.in" in "FILES", as it needs to be a part of the sourceguy1-0/+1
2000-07-16Remove "lbl/gnuc.h" from the list of files in "FILES", as it's no longerguy1-1/+0
2000-06-26add bpf_dump.c (moved here from tcpdump)assar1-0/+1
1999-10-07Initial revisionmcr1-0/+50