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2001-10-23 started 0.7 CHANGES.mcr1-1/+8
2001-01-10Summary of changes for 0.6.libpcap_0_6rel1guy1-45/+34
2000-12-17Update config.guess and config.sub to revision 2000-12-15fenner1-1/+6
from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/config/
2000-09-20Added support for an "any" device based on a patch from Sebastian Krahmer.torsten1-1/+9
2000-07-14Pick up the v0.5 changelog items, and delete the equivalent time-stampedguy1-7/+57
items. Add some time-stamped items (more to come).
2000-06-08Merged the Linux v2.2 packet support into the main trunk (fromtorsten1-1/+4
tag linux-2-2-packet). Please test this code :)
2000-04-27talk about boundary check change.itojun1-1/+5
2000-02-23* use getifaddrs(3) whenever possible. this avoids use of SIOCGIFCONF.itojun1-1/+7
SIOCGIFCONF is hard-to-use API since (1) it does not tell us amount of buffer beforehand, (2) it is not friendly with alignment issues due to use of packed struct.
1999-10-30* bring in KAME IPv6/IPsec bpf compiler.itojun1-1/+7
* tcpdump.org imported LBL 0.4
1999-10-07Initial revisionmcr1-0/+267