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-@(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/libpcap/Attic/INSTALL,v 1.42 1999-10-07 23:46:40 mcr Exp $ (LBL)
+@(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/libpcap/Attic/INSTALL,v 1.43 2000-06-11 16:46:21 mcr Exp $ (LBL)
To build libpcap, first customize any paths in Makefile.in, then run
"./configure" (a shell script). The configure script will determine
@@ -172,16 +172,16 @@ application. Also, packet timestamps aren't very good. This appears to
be due to haphazard handling of the timestamp in the kernel.
Note well: there is rumoured to be a version of tcpdump floating around
-called 3.0.3 that includes libpcap and is supposed to support Linux.
+called 3.0.3 that includes libpcap and is supposed to support Linux.
You should be advised that the Network Research Group at LBNL never
-generated a release with this version number. We note with interest
-that a standard cracker trick to get people to install trojans is to
-distribute bogus packages that have a version number higher than the
-current release. We also note with annoyance that 90% of the Linux
-related bug reports we get are due to changes made to unofficial
-versions of our page. If you are having trouble but aren't using a
-version that came from ftp.ee.lbl.gov, please try that before
-submitting a bug report!
+generated a release with this version number. The LBNL Network Research
+Group notes with interest that a standard cracker trick to get people to
+install trojans is to distribute bogus packages that have a version
+number higher than the current release. They also noted with annoyance
+that 90% of the Linux related bug reports they got are due to changes
+made to unofficial versions of their page. If you are having trouble
+but aren't using a version that came from tcpdump.org, please try that
+before submitting a bug report!
If you use AIX, you may not be able to build libpcap from this release.
Although AIX 4 ships with tcpdump, it is an old version that predates
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-@(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/libpcap/README,v 1.19 2000-01-24 23:57:55 mcr Exp $ (LBL)
+@(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/libpcap/README,v 1.20 2000-06-11 16:46:21 mcr Exp $ (LBL)
Now maintained by "The Tcpdump Group"
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ added overhead (especially, for selective filters). Ideally, libpcap
would translate BPF filters into a filter program that is compatible
with the underlying kernel subsystem, but this is not yet implemented.
-BPF is standard in 4.4BSD, BSD/386, NetBSD, and FreeBSD. DEC OSF/1
+BPF is standard in 4.4BSD, BSD/OS, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. DEC OSF/1
uses the packetfilter interface but has been extended to accept BPF
filters (which libpcap utilizes). Also, you can add BPF filter support
to Ultrix using the kernel source and/or object patches available in:
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+(1) To configure libpcap under AIX 4.x, you should use DLPI instead
+ of BPF, since IBM's version of BPF includes some undocumented
+ and unsupported changes to the original BPF.
+ This can be done by specifying the flag:
+ --with-pcap=dlpi
+ to the "configure" script for libpcap.
+(2) Also, it is a good idea to have the latest version of the DLPI
+ driver on your system, since certain versions may be buggy and
+ cause your AIX system to crash. DLPI is included in the
+ fileset bos.rte.tty. I found that the DLPI driver that came with
+ AIX 4.3.2 was buggy, and had to upgrade to bos.rte.tty
+ lslpp -l bos.rte.tty
+ bos.rte.tty COMMITTED Base TTY Support and Commands
+ Updates for AIX filesets can be obtained from:
+ ftp://service.software.ibm.com/aix/fixes/
+ These updates can be installed with the smit program.
+(3) After compiling libpcap, you need to make sure that the DLPI driver
+ is loaded. Type:
+ strload -q -d dlpi
+ If the result is:
+ dlpi: yes
+ then the DLPI driver is loaded correctly.
+ If it is:
+ dlpi: no
+ Then you need to type:
+ strload -f /etc/dlpi.conf
+ Check again with strload -q -d dlpi that the dlpi driver is loaded.
+ Alternatively, you can uncomment the lines for DLPI in
+ /etc/pse.conf and reboot the machine; this way DLPI will always
+ be loaded when you boot your system.
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@@ -352,10 +352,10 @@ Craig Leres and
Steven McCanne, all of the
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA.
-The current version is available via anonymous ftp:
+The current version is available from "The Tcpdump Group"'s Web site at
-.I ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/libpcap.tar.Z
+.I http://www.tcpdump.org/
-Please send bug reports to libpcap@ee.lbl.gov.
+Please send bug reports to patches@tcpdump.org.