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At least some libc5 systems don't have <netinet/if_ether.h> but do have
<net/if_arp.h>, and the stuff we want is in <net/if_arp.h>, so include that rather than <netinet/if_ether.h>. At least some libc5 systems don't have <netpacket/packet.h>, but have a <sys/socket.h> that includes <linux/socket.h>, and the latter defines SO_ATTACH_FILTER if the kernel is a 2.2 or later kernel, so there exist systems that have SO_ATTACH_FILTER defined but don't have <netpacket/packet.h>. Work around that by: checking whether we have PF_PACKET sockets by checking whether PF_PACKET is defined, not whether we have <netpacket/packet.h> (but we still check whether we have <netpacket/packet.h> before including it); if PF_PACKET is defined but we don't have <netpacket/packet.h>, include <linux/if_packet.h> to get the relevant definitions.
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