AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-01-026lowpan: don't try to use (new) TVB that wasn't created.Jeff Morriss1-1/+2
2019-01-02tools: fix trailing messages.Dario Lombardo1-3/+8
2019-01-02IEEE1609.2: Allow Service Specific Permissions dissectionChristophe GUERBER6-40/+604
2019-01-02cli_main: remove real_main from stack traces for non-WindowsPeter Wu18-28/+29
2019-01-02nas5gs: Add dissection of QoS flow descriptions.Anders Broman1-404/+503
2019-01-02Diameter: Add 3GPP avp name="eDRX-Related-RAT" code="1705"Anders Broman1-1/+5
2019-01-02Updates and bugfixes of ASTERIX I062Atli Guðmundsson1-168/+323
2019-01-02Make dissect_icmp_extension_structure into a dissector function.Michael Mann3-22/+13
2019-01-02dpaux: Minor improvementsMichael Mann3-66/+41
2019-01-02wsutil: fix crash due to corruption of the "small_buffers" arrayPeter Wu1-0/+3
2019-01-01No need to report "some files could not be saved".Guy Harris6-34/+12
2019-01-01lorawan: fix this condition has identical branches [-Wduplicated-branches]Alexis La Goutte1-2/+0
2019-01-01Always report errors in eo_save_entry().Guy Harris4-11/+8
2019-01-01Limit the maximum *file* name length for exported objects.Guy Harris4-35/+33
2019-01-01Get rid of local_eo_save_entry().Guy Harris2-58/+5
2019-01-01Fixes GeoNetworking secured packets dissectionChristophe GUERBER3-59/+73
2019-01-01Use dissector table to dissect content of ieee1609Christophe GUERBER6-21/+113
2019-01-01Qt: Pluralize "Copy Row(s)"Stig Bjørlykke2-3/+7
2019-01-01Z39.50: Eliminate unnecessary header.Craig Jackson2-25/+0
2019-01-01Fix asn2wrs.py: always add BASE_VAL64_STRINGChristophe GUERBER1-6/+2
2019-01-01Happy New Year 2019!Stig Bjørlykke2-3/+3
2019-01-01krb5: fix parsing of PA-S4U-X509-USER in AS-REQIsaac Boukris3-55/+83
2019-01-01Add a "failed" return for tap packet routines.Guy Harris147-715/+788
2019-01-01Move some command-line-oriented routines from wsutil to ui.Guy Harris48-86/+72
2019-01-01Add some new symbols.Guy Harris1-0/+4
2018-12-31WSDG: Update the find and goto images and descriptions.Gerald Combs4-70/+64
2018-12-31Export ITS-AppId/psId names from IEEE1609Christophe GUERBER10-96/+414
2018-12-31CESoETH: Add dissection of MEF 8 CES over EthernetJaap Keuter5-0/+520
2018-12-31Accept v1 of GeoNetworking and improve item treeChristophe GUERBER1-16/+77
2018-12-31Improve capture-on-pipe error messages.Guy Harris1-7/+26
2018-12-31WSDG: Update packet list and popup images and descriptions.Gerald Combs8-104/+331
2018-12-31asn2wrs.py: use BASE_VAL64_STRING and val64_stringChristophe GUERBER1-5/+24
2018-12-31CMake: clean up FindGNUTLS.cmakePeter Wu1-39/+27
2018-12-31Windows: Upgrade GnuTLS to 1.6.3Peter Wu3-7/+9
2018-12-31SMPP: General improvementsMichael Mann1-913/+841
2018-12-31KNET: Validate the length field before claiming packetMichael Mann1-0/+8
2018-12-31GSM over IP: Require a valid message type for dissection.Michael Mann1-10/+24
2018-12-31Update the comment again.Guy Harris1-6/+12
2018-12-31Update a comment.Guy Harris1-3/+5
2018-12-31Use size_t, not int, for sizes.Guy Harris1-60/+89
2018-12-30Qt: traffic table: remove a tap listener only onceMartin Kaiser2-6/+0
2018-12-30CMake: clean up FindGCRYPT.cmakePeter Wu1-31/+32
2018-12-30srt: fix not a Doxygen trailing comment [-Wdocumentation]Alexis La Goutte1-10/+10
2018-12-30asn2wrs.py: fix regression introduced by gf4b0b2109Pascal Quantin1-1/+2
2018-12-30[Automatic update for 2018-12-30]Gerald Combs8-232/+288
2018-12-30Revert "Add routines to load Lua programs that assume the path is UTF-8 on Wi...Peter Wu2-171/+2
2018-12-30Fixes ASN.1 generation for VALS using 64 bitsChristophe GUERBER1-1/+4
2018-12-30Use cmdarg_err() to report errors in CLI taps.Guy Harris21-37/+68
2018-12-29CMake output: Show Windows paths for the VC redist filesGraham Bloice2-3/+4
2018-12-29Fix indentation.Guy Harris1-11/+10