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authorMichael Mann <mmann78@netscape.net>2015-07-05 17:31:14 -0400
committerMichael Mann <mmann78@netscape.net>2015-07-14 11:28:55 +0000
commitcdeae7e72b749cdd68207d6e97dafb67783e2de4 (patch)
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parent1d708cef72dc230f58a9ed046a6a27355d98de1c (diff)
Add a "heuristic dissectors" tab to the Enable Protocols dialog.
This allows for a global place to enable/disable all heuristic dissectors. This removes the need for individual dissector preferences, but those will be removed at a later date. The more important part is the epan code to save/restore the enabled state of the heuristic dissector. The GTK dialog was more for quickly testing the feature (there was already some GTK code in place that started the heuristic dialog tab) Change-Id: Ie10687505c27a4456c49d5c4c69a5fc5f6394275 Ping-Bug:11152 Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/9508 Petri-Dish: Michael Mann <mmann78@netscape.net> Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot <buildbot-no-reply@wireshark.org> Reviewed-by: Michael Mann <mmann78@netscape.net>
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diff --git a/rawshark.c b/rawshark.c
index e34e1a7a08..6981f6d3a5 100644
--- a/rawshark.c
+++ b/rawshark.c
@@ -559,6 +559,8 @@ DIAG_ON(cast-qual)
/* Read the disabled protocols file. */
read_disabled_protos_list(&gdp_path, &gdp_open_errno, &gdp_read_errno,
&dp_path, &dp_open_errno, &dp_read_errno);
+ read_disabled_heur_dissector_list(&gdp_path, &gdp_open_errno, &gdp_read_errno,
+ &dp_path, &dp_open_errno, &dp_read_errno);
if (gdp_path != NULL) {
if (gdp_open_errno != 0) {
cmdarg_err("Could not open global disabled protocols file\n\"%s\": %s.",
@@ -797,6 +799,7 @@ DIAG_ON(cast-qual)
/* disabled protocols as per configuration file */
if (gdp_path == NULL && dp_path == NULL) {
+ set_disabled_heur_dissector_list();
/* Build the column format array */