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Everything that is spoken into the microphone should appear on the headphone.
+<p class="toppic">
+On-screen displays
+<center><img src="display-wave.png"/></center>
+Essentially for monitoring the input level is the 'w' key.
+You will get an ASCII art plot of received audio signal.
+Press 'w' again to turn off this view.
+<center><img src="display-measurements.png"/></center>
+To check measurements like input level and quality, press the 'm' key.
+You will get an ASCII art plot of differen bar graphs.
+They show tone / frame level and quality.
+The green bar shows the current level.
+The yellow marker shows the last/peak/average level.
+The light blue marker shows the target level.
+Some measurement like RF level, frequency offset and peak deviation are only available with SDR.
+Press 'm' again to turn off this view.
+<center><img src="display-iq.png"/></center>
+Only works with SDR:
+You can monitor IQ data by pressing 'q' key.
+You will get an ASCII art plot of received IQ data.
+Press 'q' again and you will get a logarithmic view of IQ vectors.
+Press 'q' again to turn off this view.
+Please monitor this view when the phone tries to call or register.
+If the dots are yellow, or red, the received signal may overdrive the ADC.
+Especially when the linear view shows a deformed circle (or even rectangle), reduce RX level.
+<center><img src="display-spectrum.png"/></center>
+Only works with SDR:
+Press 's' to get an ASCII art graph of received frequency spectrum.
+The spectrum's bandwidth is defined by the sample rate (-s) and not by the SDR sample rate!
+If you don't get nice peaks, but maybe several peaks, you might over-driven the input.
+Note that the peak will spread by the frequency deviation, so the peak might look noisy on the top.
+If the peak is quite low, check the input gain.
+Press 's' again to turn off this view.
+<center><img src="display-status.png"/></center>
+Current transceiver and call state can be viewed by pressing 'c' key.
+Press 'c' again to turn off this view.
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