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+Now run your base station on channel 30.
+Tune the transmitter to 162.050 MHz and the receiver to 157.550.
+You should tune the receiver to 164.050 first, to check if you hear the idle signal from the base station.
+Then tune to actually uplink frequency 157.550 MHz.
+<font size='4'><pre>
+# src/anetz/anetz -k 30
+anetz.c:170 info : Entering IDLE state, sending 2280 Hz tone.
+Base station ready, please tune transmitter to 162.050 MHz and receiver to 157.550 MHz.
+on-hook: ..... (enter 0..9 or d=dial)
+<center><img src="a-netz-display.jpg"/></center>
+<p align='justify'>
+Turn on you phone and wait for it to warm up (requires about half a minute).
+Tune the phone to channel 30 and switch on your transmitter for the base station.
+The phone should indicate a (green) light, to show idle channel.
+If there is no green light, increase the level of your FM signal on the transmitter.
+Or if you can't increase the audio level on the transmitter, do it with 'alsamixer'.
+<font size='4'><pre>
+anetz.c:244 info : Received 1750 Hz calling signal from mobile station, sending 1750 Hz acknowledge signal.
+anetz.c:256 info : 1750 Hz signal from mobile station is gone, stopping acknowledge signal.
+call.c:574 info : Incomming call from '' to 'operator'
+anetz.c:272 info : Received 1750 Hz release signal from mobile station, sending idle signal.
+anetz.c:201 info : Entering IDLE state, sending 2280 Hz tone.
+call.c:695 info : Call has been released with cause=16
+call disconnected: hangup (enter h=hangup)
+<p align='justify'>
+When you pick up the phone, the phone transmits a 1750 Hz calling tone.
+On reception, the base station then transmits a 1750 Hz acknowledge ton.
+After that the call is establised.
+After establishment, you can use the headset, if present, for speech communication with the phone.
+On hangup, the phone transmit a 1750 Hz hangup tone.
+Then the base station returns to idle again.
+Be sure that the phone turns off the transmitter and indicates the (green) light.
+<p align='justify'>
+To call to the phone, be sure that your transmitter transmits loud enough to send 4 sine waves at once.
+Enter the last 5 digits of the phone's number and press 'd' to dial.
+If you listen to the transmit signal, you should hear 4 low pitched tones at once.
+The phone should now stop the idle light and indicate an incomming call.
+There is no acknowledgement from the phone until you pick up the call.
+If the phone does not indicate an incomming call, increase the volume of the transmit signal, but be sure not to overdrive it.
+Also be sure that you are actually dialing the right number, so the base station generates the correct paging tones.
+<p align='justify'>
+Instead of transmitting all 4 tones at once, they can be transmitted after each other.
+Each tone is playes for a short time.
+After the last tone has been played, base station starts again with the first tone.
+My phone also responds to a call, even if the tones cycle rather than sent simultaniously.
+In this case the level of each tone is four times highter (+6 dB).
+Add command line option "-P 50" to send each tone for 50 milliseconds.
+Try something between 20-100 milliseconds, if the phone still doesn't ring.
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