BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
daniel/fix-TC_establish_and_nothingWIP test for ClrCmd race conditionDaniel Willmann15 months
daniel/mgcp-emulationHACK: Workaround buggy mgw newline parserDaniel Willmann19 months
daniel/sporadic_failuresFail if f_streamId_by_trx() can't find a stream idDaniel Willmann13 months
daniel/titan-6_5-fixFix compilation on eclipse-titan 6.5.1Daniel Willmann6 months
daniel/wipWIP: Switch to RXONLY before deleting the flowDaniel Willmann8 months
fixeria/gsup_smsMSC_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_gsup_mt_sms_{ack|err} for MT SMS over GSUPVadim Yanitskiy9 months
laforge/btsBTS_Tests: Don't wait indefinitely for ASP_IPA_EVENT_UPHarald Welte15 months
laforge/bts-rtpWIP: L1CTL support for hopping/non-hopping unionHarald Welte17 months
laforge/cbspcbc: Add initial support for SABP (3G Service Area Broadcast Protocol)Harald Welte7 days
laforge/gb-snsBSSAP_Adapter: only initialize ops.sccp_addr_* if ops is givenHarald Welte5 months
laforge/gbproxyWIP: GbProxy TestsHarald Welte5 months
laforge/iusgsn: Actual first Iu test caseHarald Welte3 months
laforge/lapdmbts: Add LAPDm test for SABM with wrong C/R bitHarald Welte3 months
laforge/lclsLCLS: Introduce a copy+pasted f_connect_handler() functionHarald Welte15 months
laforge/msc-csfb-fast-returnMSC: Verify CSFB INDICATOR is present in CLEAR COMMANDHarald Welte6 months
laforge/omlWIP: BTS OML TestsHarald Welte6 months
laforge/rsproSGSN_Tests: Fix MCC/MNC handling: use 'F' between MCC and MNC in 2-digit caseHarald Welte5 months
laforge/sccpliteWIP: SCCPlite-wrapped CTRL testingHarald Welte15 months
laforge/sgsngsup: Add PDP/APN related definitionsHarald Welte18 months
laforge/wipbsc: Add MGCP-MDCX handling to as_handover()Harald Welte15 months
lynxis/sgsn_iusgsn: make the ranap interface optionalAlexander Couzens13 days
lynxis/sgsn_power_offSGSN_Tests: check for superflous packets after receiving a DETACH ACCEPTAlexander Couzens4 months
lynxis/ allow to skip the configuration file parameterAlexander Couzens3 months
lynxis/ttcn3-testingfixup! NOT_FOR_MERGE: try to fix OSMO_GSUP_MESSAGE_CLASS_USSDAlexander Couzens4 months
masterggsn: Introduce test TC_pdp46_act_deact_apn4Pau Espin Pedrol4 days
neels/dyn_tsHACK disable tcpdumpNeels Hofmeyr16 months
neels/hacksinclude logformat in log_merge.shNeels Hofmeyr4 months
neels/hoinclude logformat in log_merge.shNeels Hofmeyr11 days
neels/inter-bsc-hodisable tcpdumpNeels Hofmeyr10 months
neels/msc_conn_fsmcc mo cancel fuNeels Hofmeyr17 months
neels/os3041HACK: Work around IPA CCM bug in OsmoBSCHarald Welte18 months
neels/pmaier/howipPhilipp Maier7 months
neels/rr_releasets_BSSMAP_HandoverFailureNeels Hofmeyr10 months
neels/summaryloggersummary logger: add expected-verdicts functionalityNeels Hofmeyr17 months
neels/wipmsc: f_mo_call_establish(): add lots of missing partsNeels Hofmeyr6 months
neels/wip2deact sacchNeels Hofmeyr10 months
osmith/check-imeihlr: add Check IMEI testsOliver Smith3 months
osmith/check-imei-mscmsc: add check IMEI testsOliver Smith7 weeks
osmith/check-imei-testWIP: add check-imei to GSUP-typesOliver Smith6 months
osmith/disable-conn-timeoutmgw: add module param mp_enable_conn_timeout_testOliver Smith8 weeks
osmith/fix-bsc-testsbsc: f_ipa_unknown_unit_id: use different idOliver Smith5 days
osmith/ggsn-test-ipv4v6cosmeticsOliver Smith5 months
osmith/iucs-cm-service-acceptWIPOliver Smith3 months
osmith/lcls-keepaliveWIP: mgw: conn timeout testsOliver Smith9 weeks
osmith/pcu-tests(not for master) more debug prints, more logsOliver Smith3 days
pespin/bscWIPPau Espin Pedrol2 months
pespin/bsc2bsc: Test MGCP-over-IPA forwarding in SCCPlite testsPau Espin Pedrol2 months
pespin/btshwbts: Use f_L1CTL_PARAM to set expected ms power level for dummy MeasRepPau Espin Pedrol11 months
pespin/delaybts: Sleep after requesting crypoPau Espin Pedrol10 months
pespin/exhaustWIPPau Espin Pedrol8 months
pespin/hoWIPPau Espin Pedrol9 weeks
pespin/masterggsn: Introduce test TC_pdp_act2_recoveryPau Espin Pedrol44 hours
pespin/mscWIPPau Espin Pedrol3 months
pespin/papggsn: Add TC_pdp4_act_deact_ipcp_pap_broken()Harald Welte8 weeks
pespin/racebts: Fix race condition in f_dyn_ipa_pdch_(de)actPau Espin Pedrol6 months
pespin/sacchl1hbts: f_tx_lapdm: Build SacchL1Header with proper valuesPau Espin Pedrol10 months
pespin/ttcn3bts: Disable PCU related tests if PCU socket not configuredPau Espin Pedrol9 months
pmaier/challocBSC_Tests: fix vty interface for channel allocator testsPhilipp Maier7 months
pmaier/fmtpMGCP_Test: Test AMR octet-aligned/bandwith-efficient mode conversionPhilipp Maier6 months
pmaier/hrmangleMGCP_Test: Add VTY accessPhilipp Maier6 months
pmaier/hrmangle2MGCP_Test: Add testcase to test ts101318/rfc5993 conversionPhilipp Maier6 months
pmaier/test_15042019BSSMAP_Emulation: Check for ==/!= null instead of isvalue()Daniel Willmann4 months
reset24072018fsleepPhilipp Maier15 months
stsp/msc_routing_global_title_crashadd a test for OS#2666Stefan Sperling14 months
stsp/rsl_unknown_unit_idAdd a test for OS#2714, "close RSL connections from unknown Unit ID"Stefan Sperling18 months