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2018-12-13MSC: match default expectation with configMax1-0/+1
In MSC_Tests.default we expect /tmp/mncc.sock as MNCC socket path - let's match this expectation with osmo-msc.cfg to make sure that tests work out of the box without the need to use specific command-line option. Change-Id: I540645ef4b1e08d05b89251f074af84a516e7a88
2018-09-25ensure well-formed config filesHarald Welte1-38/+38
Change-Id: I09eedd3cda993b9fabfdcf7caf0b3a050eaad9b1
2018-06-01sync TTCN3 MSC test config with docker-playgroundStefan Sperling1-0/+87
Update MSC_Tests.default according to the current MSC_Tests.cfg used by docker-playground. Add osmo-msc.cfg and osmo-stp.cfg example configuration files. Allows the MSC tests to be run locally. Change-Id: Ia00f0315a5246c3ec55563ebd21a586aec8e4688