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10 daysimprove/fix f_tc_mo_setup_dtmf_dupNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
- Fix error log for a missing final DTMF. - Instead of code dup to establish a call, use f_mo_call_establish(). This will make the test benefit from changes to f_mo_call_establish() (which will soon come up to accomodate changes in osmo-msc's codec negotiation). - Instead of hardcoding the expected N_SD counter values to detect DTAP duplicates, use f_bssmap_last_n_sd() and f_next_n_sd(), so that the N_SD counter is correct regardless of how many DTAP were sent in f_mo_call_establish(). - Instead of hardcoding a correct N_SD in the end, use skip_seq_patching == false, so that the ttcn DTAP correctly tracks N_SD for subsequent call release messages. - Release the call. Change-Id: Ibfa8b906764f2d5ed75fe74125be42af4546e864
2019-10-04MSC_Tests.ttcn: fix race condition in f_tc_proc_ss_paging_fail()Vadim Yanitskiy1-2/+3
Sometimes in TC_proc_ss_paging_fail we hit a race condition. The problem is that the paging expiration timer in OsmoMSC is set to 10 seconds by default (see MSC_PAGING_RESPONSE_TIMER_DEFAULT), and in f_tc_proc_ss_paging_fail() we also wait 10.0 seconds. Let's increase our timer value to 20.0 seconds, so there will be more 10 seconds of leeway. Change-Id: I6983e8c0cc8e1d7d1619f127e80063d71a4759d2 Related: Jenkins ttcn3-msc-test build #677
2019-09-28msc: add f_tc_lu_and_mt_sms_paging_repeatedAlexander Couzens1-0/+43
The testcase will ensure paging is repeated by the MSC. Repeating will improve the reachability of MS when a Paging is lost or not received because the MS is moving between states. Change-Id: Ib5bf0b62e0639436cdcba03acbaedf1458e18873
2019-09-24MSC_Tests: Expect SGsAP-SERVICE-ABORT-REQUEST on paging timeoutPhilipp Maier1-3/+21
When a paging for a CS-Call times out the MSC/VLR is expected to send an SGsAP-SERVICE-ABORT-REQUEST to the MME to indicate that the paging has timed out. This is not taken into accound yet by TTCN3 test TC_sgsap_paging_and_nothing Related: OS#3614 Depends: osmo-msc I3f8f153afe24cf2efa245713509bdc8488902877 Change-Id: I99950a17ccf26aaa0eebded5480f33be4c57586a
2019-09-24Cosmetic: Fix commentPhilipp Maier1-3/+3
Change-Id: Ie1c80d951ea2f8e3e154beb5623aa0d5f5874a60
2019-08-18MSC_Tests: do not send an SGsAP-MO-CSFB-INDICATION when testing MT-CallPhilipp Maier1-3/+0
The TTCN3 tests MSC_Tests.TC_bssap_lu_sgsap_lu_and_mt_call and MSC_Tests.TC_sgsap_lu_and_mt_call initate an MT-CSFB call for testing purposes, but they also send an SGsAP-MO-CSFB-INDICATION to make the MS come back to LTE. This is wrong. SGsAP-MO-CSFB-INDICATION just informs the VLR that the UE has initiated a MO CSFB call on the LTE side. On MT CSFB calls this message should not appear. Lets remove it. Related: SYS#4624 Change-Id: I2e9fda4fe97866c4cbc77224ba1930ca81411fd6
2019-07-23msc: check IMEI: move reject LU into new functionOliver Smith1-48/+4
Change-Id: Ifad259e21df035a89e97831a57c0675502308eb6
2019-07-23msc: use f_expect_clear() in check IMEI testsOliver Smith1-2/+6
Fix the broken pipe race condition caused by closing the RAN connection too early. Properly wait for clear command and send clear complete. TC_lu_imsi_auth_tmsi_check_imei_{nack,err} do not pass anymore, because OsmoMSC is sending the LU reject twice. Patch [1] fixes it. [1] I127b27937613ea0ff29d67991c0414fca6d441d9 (osmo-msc) Fixes: 1d118ff753d963cfe5feb2450a31bc3a51aa5eb6 ("msc: add check IMEI tests") Change-Id: I836f76242463789c4c003feec757714827f2a31b
2019-07-12msc: add check IMEI testsOliver Smith1-1/+300
Extend BSC_ConnHdlr with new check IMEI related parameters. Add tests for check IMEI and check IMEI early for multiple auth variations, as well as variants where the HLR would respond with NOK or ERR. Note that we can safely set "check-imei-rqd 0" in f_init(), because the latest OsmoMSC version already suppors this VTY command. Two tests do not always pass, sometimes the RAN connection breaks before the test finishes (TC_lu_imsi_auth_tmsi_check_imei_err and TC_lu_imsi_auth_tmsi_check_imei_nack). I have added them as expected errors in the expected-results.xml. Related: OS#2542 Change-Id: Ic34bb8dc8547cafb5a53df03884554dd4f72956d
2019-07-10L3_Templates: add enum CmIdentityTypeOliver Smith1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ibe50669663e641cdfd6a88f22c5404e2d90323b7
2019-07-08MSC_Tests.ttcn: cosmetic: move TC_gsup_mt_multi_part_sms() backVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
The mentioned test case doesn't cause any problems anymore. Change-Id: Ic8d456f4becade9010d4eb27159e6c2806b11810
2019-06-24lib/mgcp: Add new port with support to handle multiple MGCP socketsPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+2
* Some scenarios like MGW BSC-attached in SCCPlite require handling of 2 MGCP-over-UDP sockets in MGCP Emulation: 1 for regular libosmomgcp-client from osmo-bsc and another one from the forward socket from osmo-bsc (of MGCP-over-IPA messages communicated with MSC). * Old port is kept for backward compatibility with other tests and enabled by default. It's also interesting to keep it because it makes tests without special needs (2 sockets) to use the old port/API which produces simpler code to read and mantain. * Users of the new port have to enable multi_conn_mode parameter and expect to interact with port MGCP_CLIENT_MULTI instead of MGCP_CLIENT, which will offer messages containing information about the UDP connection being used by that message. Change-Id: Ic0ba8c5cde068c07671512a83095d83e28b86746
2019-06-17MSC_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_mo_ussd_for_unknown_transVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+60
The new test case is aimed to verify that OsmoMSC properly does reject (call independent) SS/USSD messages for non-existing transactions. Change-Id: I231142c88b0d3308039c797aa2bccadd79dce18b Related: OS#2931
2019-06-16MSC_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_proc_ss_abortVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+86
This test case is aimed to verify HLR-/EUSE-initiated abort of an active SS/USSD session according to the following scenario: 1. (HLR/EUSE -> MSC) GSUP_PROC_SS_REQ with random facility; 2. Network-originated connection establishment: 2.a. (MSC -> BSC -> MS) Paging Request; 2.b. ... 2.c. (MS -> BSC -> MSC) Paging Response; 3. (MSC -> MS) GSM 04.80 REGISTER with random facility; 4. (HLR/EUSE -> MSC) GSUP_PROC_SS_ERR (abort); 5. (MSC -> MS) GSM 04.80 RELEASE COMPLETE; 6. Connection release. As can be seen, HLR/EUSE initiates the session abort right after the GSM 04.80 REGISTER message is delivered to the MS, and just before the MS sends anything back in response. Change-Id: I5586a88136c936441a842f49248824680603672e Related: OS#2931
2019-06-16MSC_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_proc_ss_paging_failVadim Yanitskiy1-4/+64
The idea of this test case is to check that OsmoMSC does inform HLR/EUSE that a subscriber did not respond to Paging Request in case of network-originated SS/USSD. Both f_expect_gsup_msg() and f_expect_dtap_msg() were extended with optional timeout value, as we need to wait longer than 2.0 seconds (default). Let's stick to 10.0 seconds. Change-Id: I1f53c56d569c8ac4071835685bbe3bc9e0ebd7f0 Related: OS#2931
2019-06-15MSC_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_proc_ss_for_unknown_sessionVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+43
The idea of this test case is to check that OsmoMSC properly rejects GSUP PROC_SS messages for unknown sessions. As it turned out, OsmoMSC doesn't send GSUP PROC_SS ERROR as expected. The fix has been submitted. Change-Id: Ie267ee174c5061cd3fc102a2824abe03d73f3aac Related: OS#2931
2019-06-15MSC_Tests.ttcn: use f_expect_gsup_msg() in f_tc_mt_ussd_for_unknown_subscr()Vadim Yanitskiy1-12/+1
Change-Id: Id067cee3b7d06613d8387e0fa9d8a5c1dbcc49cf
2019-06-14MSC_Tests.ttcn: add timers to SS/USSD test casesVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+16
Change-Id: I1883bae34a9fe0435a6138cb7594461dee3bb232
2019-06-14MSC_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_mt_ussd_for_unknown_subscrVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+51
The idea of this test case is to check that OsmoMSC properly rejects SS/USSD requests for unknown subscribers. Running this test case against the current OsmoMSC helped to discover several problems: - OsmoMSC doesn't print anything in such cases; - IMSI in the response error message is empty; - both session state and ID IEs are omited; which are going to be fixed soon. Change-Id: Id35cd3ec15d1bab15260312d7bbb41e2d10349fe Related: OS#2931
2019-05-31msc: Add module param to disable osmux (fix msc-latest jenkins job)Pau Espin Pedrol1-6/+14
ttcn3-bsc-test-latest currently fails on most tests because it tries to use "osmux off" VTY param and only current osmo-msc master supports it. Change-Id: I53d58b2d905905ebf1df322d0389b3715a48212f
2019-05-31msc: Enable/disable osmux always based on testPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+5
Initially it was thought safe to only enable it since the osmux test was at the end, but actually IU tests run after it, and those don't expect osmux to be enabled. This way we also always match osmo-msc osmux state with whatever the test expects (and sets through f_init()). Change-Id: I8fb48af7d37f1a2391a39c19f5ec5064cd5869d2
2019-05-27cosmetic: Update copyright statement, license notice and SPDXHarald Welte1-0/+12
Some of our files didn't have a copyright notice at all, let's add it. Also, update the notices in other files and ensure a SPDX identifier is present in all but the most trivial files. Change-Id: If7fa19ce484b415bc645e39b3d0d666b44b5f0fd
2019-05-27msc: Introduce Osmux infra and one test for osmo-mscPau Espin Pedrol1-6/+21
Change-Id: Ibcb82d1a2d570c6c0ad0c3b6504bffe2244eccd9
2019-05-23MSC_Tests: Remove duplicated structures from BSSMAP_TemplatesPau Espin Pedrol1-138/+0
Change-Id: Ia82b65fe7e53cc0ab73df94b844b9b85aba9468b
2019-05-11add three tests for CIPHER MODE COMPLETE without algoStefan Sperling1-0/+91
Add three tests which exercise MSC behaviour when a CIPHER MODE COMPLETE command lacks the optional chosenEncryptionAlgorithm IE. Check for behaviour with A5/1, A5/3, and A5/1 + A5/3 configured in the network, and expect the location update to succeed. These tests pass on master, but they should somehow verify the cipher the MSC ends up using. I am not quite sure how to do that. Would inspecting the MSC's VTY be a reasonable approach? How could his be done by code which runs on BSC_ConnectionHandler? Change-Id: I1a2a126795c544613a7a87e238e1fc8c4e943885 Related: OS#2872
2019-05-11msc: Add a test for LU with invalid MCC/MNC in BSSAP/RANAPHarald Welte1-0/+35
Verify that the MSC rejects a location update from a Cell/BSC that contains a PLMN which does not match the core network's PLMN. Related: OS#3162 Change-Id: I676894358259b9cc0f973769ce552ba58a2a58a1
2019-05-09msc: Permit optional authentication before reject/timeoutHarald Welte1-0/+3
Tests like TC_lu_imsi_reject, TC_lu_imsi_timeout_gsup and TC_cmserv_imsi_unknown all expected a reject straight in response to the LU REQ / CM SERV REQ. However, the MSC may very well decide to perform authentication beforehand. It's an implementation detail when a MSC/VLR performs authentication, so the tests should be tolerant to this. This primarily shows up in 3G/Iu/RANAP related tests, as authentication is mandatory there. Change-Id: Icdd3f34eca08092703ab2ba9a8e755e2d609a59b
2019-05-09msc: Don't require protocolExtensions in RANAP PagingHarald Welte1-3/+3
We were using '?' for the protocolExtensions in RANAP messages, which required that such extensions existed. In reality, we want to use '*' which accepts paging messages whether or not there are any protocolExtensions present. As this is the default in all our RANAP receive template, callers don't even need to specify it. This should fix all Iu paging related test failures in MSC_Tests*.ttcn Change-Id: If22e16ecb301c86b9073ffde0af9e03bc85fbcc7
2019-05-09msc: add inter-BSC and inter-MSC Handover testsNeels Hofmeyr1-29/+467
Change-Id: I7d76c982ad4e198534fa488609c41e8892b268ab
2019-05-07msc: mo and mt voice call tests: add lots of missing partsNeels Hofmeyr1-2/+10
Both f_mo_call_establish() and f_mt_call_establish() were testing barely half a voice call setup. For example, f_mo_call_establish() used to be satisfied with just two CRCX, but no actual RTP connections being made. Add numerous MNCC and MGCP messages more closely resembling an actual call. The main reason is to achieve a state that passes both current osmo-msc master as well as the upcoming inter-MSC Handover refactoring. Add log markers to f_*_call_*(): often when a test halts, it is not at all clear why. With these log markers it is saner to figure out what has happened and what hasn't. Change-Id: I162985045bb5e129977a3a797b656e30220990df
2019-04-30msc: Add Iu related tests for most existing 2G testsHarald Welte1-57/+148
This might look a bit like copy+paste programming for our testcases. However, we actually want the Iu related tests show up as separate 'testscase' in the TTCN-3 sense, so there's no way that's more elegant than this :/ Change-Id: I3b56e17487c9df839e67ed390a1ff89979683e8e
2019-04-30msc: Introduce f_cl3_or_initial_ue as replacement for f_bssap_compl_l3()Harald Welte1-22/+22
The new function will check the RAN type and dispath to f_bssap_compl_l3() in case of 2G/GERAN and to f_ranap_initial_ue() on case of 3G/UTRAN. Change-Id: Ia27afa265d441d1a0cbb40cc2d938aff46fa25f9
2019-04-30msc: Add RANAP to msc testsHarald Welte1-5/+8
Integrate RANAP to MSC_Tests.ttcn Related: OS#2856 Change-Id: Idfa54b7607ad6e7016ed9411b0cc5330c901ea34
2019-04-25RAN_Adapter: Rename functions from f_bssap_* to f_ran_adapter_*Harald Welte1-4/+4
Change-Id: I73818247f1dfc71c8ece11660e6c18f5f153d186
2019-04-25msc: Add testcase for UMTS AKA over GERAN TC_lu_imsi_auth3g_tmsi()Harald Welte1-0/+15
Change-Id: I10cc7ed214e83b4624587c60f332034d3f19b22d
2019-04-25msc: f_mm_auth(): Add support for UMTS AKAHarald Welte1-1/+2
Change-Id: Id57adcebd63a06cfa555824e493561fe08f13d6d
2019-04-21MSC_Tests: Allow test cases to specify RAN indexHarald Welte1-8/+10
This allows to start ConnHdlr on specific RAN connections, i.e. on different emulated BSCs (and soon RNCs). Change-Id: I3d7ec567a7b69d8c6f79d26971bf1c94e077d5f5
2019-04-21Add f_expect_paging() rather than using tr_BSSMAP_Paging directlyHarald Welte1-6/+8
this will ease the introduction of RANAP support Change-Id: I213303337373c349676be4f8ac4175acdc701e47
2019-04-21Rename BSSMAP_Emulation -> RAN_EmulationHarald Welte1-30/+30
So far, BSSMAP_Emulation supported only a transport over BSSMAP. However, we soon intend to merge support for RANAP in order to simulate RANAP/Iu connections as well as BSSMAP. Let's start by renaming some of the existing types/functions/ports/modules without introducing any functional changes just yet. Related: OS#2857, OS#2856 Change-Id: Iecbcb0c6c136baad9460eca40606bb4010d8882d
2019-04-12msc: expect only one Paging on failed MT SMSNeels Hofmeyr1-31/+4
An MSC might decide to repeatedly retry Paging if it failed the first time, but osmo-msc currently has no such mechanism. Instead, it so far had a bug that retriggered a failed Paging from a start in a situation where there are SMS pending for only one subscriber, and sending the SMS fails. osmo-msc patch I24bf9f1c1167efe1080ae4cf47ed2ef0bd981e49 changes this behavior to accept a Paging failure and not launch the same SMS again numerous times. Adjust the tests to this new behavior. Depends: I24bf9f1c1167efe1080ae4cf47ed2ef0bd981e49 (osmo-msc) Change-Id: I7dce12942a65eaaf97f78ca69401c7f93faacb9e
2019-04-12msc: clear the failed SMS when a test is doneNeels Hofmeyr1-6/+13
If an MT SMS is triggered and not handled in the test, it is so far left behind when the test ends. That causes Paging to retrigger for that SMS at any later point during subsequent test runs, causing stray bogus test failures. Actually remove the SMS from the SMS database and the queue with a new VTY command: The vty command to clear failed SMS from the db is added in osmo-msc I637cbd7adc075a192f49752b38779391472ff06d Depends: I637cbd7adc075a192f49752b38779391472ff06d (osmo-msc) Change-Id: I4ff05187131e93f5bc58dc7ea44546f770e5b4c1
2019-04-09MSC_Tests: Add testcase to simulate VLR/HLR failure (SGsAP)Philipp Maier1-0/+38
Currently we do not simulate a situation where the HLR is unreachable to the MSC. Lets add a test wehere the HLR is disconnected and an LU via SGsAP is tried. The SGs interface should then carry out a reset procedure. Change-Id: I830d0b936cbe9d73d1e0b1f4792c2be3d0b08cb9 Related: OS#3859
2019-04-09MSC_Tests: allow disabeling GSUPPhilipp Maier1-7/+19
The GSUP link between testsuit and osmo-msc is currently on by default and can not be disabled. However, there may be situations where a missing GSUP connection must be simulated. Lets add add a parameter to disable GSUP if necessary. Change-Id: I7c86aa0a906a0d7e8be765f9109a65b4b4387bc6 Related: OS#3859
2019-04-02MSC_Tests: fix TC_sgsap_expl_imsi_det_nonepsPhilipp Maier1-2/+4
When a subscriber is detached from non eps services, it gets fully detached from 2G, which means that the VLR is supposed to remove the subscriber. Lets check if the subscriber is in deed no longer known by the VLR. Change-Id: I2ec3f548dfcf5a9b99f10214a8bfd0c6978e253b Related: OS#3614
2019-04-02MSC_Tests: add testcase TC_sgsap_impl_imsi_det_epsPhilipp Maier1-0/+25
We have a testcase that sends an explicit (UE-Initiated) imsi detach from EPS services. Lets also cover the case for an implicit (Network-initated) detach. Change-Id: I63ebc32ae457dd74214d4abee4f511cde28de4a7 Related: OS#3614
2019-04-02MSC_Tests: add testcase TC_sgsap_impl_imsi_det_nonepsPhilipp Maier1-0/+28
We have a testcase that sends an explicit (UE-Initiated) imsi detach from non EPS services. Lets also cover the case for an implicit (Network-initated) detach. Change-Id: I76049e6717680c54c18f97b7cd51944901a81ae7 Related: OS#3614
2019-04-02MSC_Tests: add function to check if a subscriber is in VLRPhilipp Maier1-0/+17
The control interface of osmo-msc is able to return a list with all active subscribers from the VLR. Lets add a function, so that we can check from TTCN3 if a specified subscriber is known by the VLR or not. Change-Id: I7661ae55afe34795c3701d59795331b32d64c988 Related: OS#3614
2019-03-19msc: f_tc_sgsap_mt_sms_and_nothing: also do f_sgsap_bssmap_screeningNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
The only reason to omit f_sgsap_bssmap_screening() in this was the still pending SMS in the database. Since SMS are now removed, f_sgsap_bssmap_screening() will succeed. Change-Id: Ibea1e1fb33e0dde7e8bf51ff226d5e57c5a5d763
2019-03-19msc: TC_lu_disconnect: add final delay to fix spurious failureNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+1
I hit a "Broken pipe" error, hoping that the bit of delay makes the teardown more stable. Change-Id: I765a75f91a748239f6cc82f4a61f02d59166f00b
2019-03-14msc: TC_gsup_cancel: end with f_expect_clear() to avoid broken pipeNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
Change-Id: I3b3ae0b9c3f02f523dfb60c9efb732db3ade2785