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2018-10-15add an IPA test which sends a chopped payloadStefan Sperling1-0/+62
Add another IPA test to the BTS and BSC test suites. This new test sends the header in one burst, followed by the payload which is transmitted byte-per-byte. The test uses an ID REQ message. If acting as a server, the test can expect an ID RESP message. However, if acting as a client, the server will close the connection when it receives the ID REQ. The CTRL interface port on the BSC does not close the connection in this case, so that particular port is skipped by the test for now. Change-Id: If75cb90841bb25619b414f0cabe008a2428a9fdf Related: OS#2010 Depends: I4804ccabd342b82d44e69dbc6eaaae220ec7d4e4
2018-10-15add chopped IPA ping test to BTS testsStefan Sperling1-2/+4
Run the chopped IPA ping test from the IPA_Testing module as part of the BTS test suite. Contrary to the BSC version of this test, this test listens for an IPA connection rather than connecting to an IPA server. Make code in the IPA_Testing module for accepting connections actually work. Change-Id: I4804ccabd342b82d44e69dbc6eaaae220ec7d4e4 Related: OS#2010
2018-10-08Add a TTCN3 module for IPA protocol testingStefan Sperling1-0/+170
This new module allows us to test IPA code in libosmocore and libosmo-netif. Currently only one test is implemented, which sends a chopped IPA ping message and expects to receive an IPA pong. The system under test is any IPA speaker on any TCP port. Any test suite may call parametrized functions to create an IPA testing component and run a particular test. So far, one such test has been added to the BSC_Tests suite. Change-Id: I246a405414e36a44dc1e308692faab8bf04da0e6 Related: OS#2010