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2018-09-28bts: Use f_L1CTL_PARAM to set expected ms power level for dummy MeasReppespin/btshwPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+3
2018-09-28bts: Add parameter to set and expect a specific MS power levelPau Espin Pedrol1-5/+10
2018-09-28L1CTL_Types: Add support to set L1 Header params during SACCH txPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+38
2018-09-28bts: Add timing offset tolerance module parameter to support real HWPau Espin Pedrol1-14/+12
2018-09-27osmo-bsc.cfg: drop 'add' keyword from 'neighbor add'Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2018-09-26bts: Account for elapsed time in paging timerPau Espin Pedrol1-21/+44
2018-09-26bsc: inter-BSC HO: add TC_ho_out_of_this_bsc, TC_ho_into_this_bscNeels Hofmeyr8-9/+400
2018-09-25ensure well-formed config filesHarald Welte4-119/+119
2018-09-25MSC_Tests: Reply to Classmark Req in TC_lu_imsi_auth_tmsi_encr_3_1_no_cmDaniel Willmann2-0/+15
2018-09-21BSC_Tests: use consistant AMR S0-S15 bitsPhilipp Maier1-4/+16
2018-09-18bsc: test Classmark EnquiryNeels Hofmeyr3-1/+33
2018-09-16GSM_Types: Add CBCH_Block definition of TS 04.12Harald Welte2-0/+43
2018-09-16GSM_Types: Add support for Osmocom RSL ChannelNr CBCHHarald Welte1-1/+4
2018-09-16rsl: Add SMSCB related RSL types / templatesHarald Welte1-0/+54
2018-09-16bts: Add second VTY connection to BSCHarald Welte3-0/+20
2018-09-16Osmocom_VTY_Functions: Generalize to handle multiple VTY portsHarald Welte1-7/+7
2018-09-16bts: update TODO comments; remove tests already coveredHarald Welte1-4/+2
2018-09-16add ttcn3 test suites slides from OsmoDevCon 2018Harald Welte1-0/+296
2018-09-16BTS: enable encryption + RLL tests for Lm (TCH/H) channelsVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
2018-09-16library/GSUP_Types: correct value of the GSUP_CancelTypeAlexander Couzens1-2/+2
2018-09-14sgsn: implement TC_attach_usim_resyncAlexander Couzens1-0/+131
2018-09-13MSC_ConnectionHandler: stop properly on failure in f_establish_fully()Philipp Maier1-0/+10
2018-09-12BTS_Tests: check paging channel fn (bs_ag_blks_res)Philipp Maier1-3/+59
2018-09-11GSUP_Types.ttcn: add tr_GSUP_SAI_REQ_UMTS_AKA_RESYNCAlexander Couzens1-0/+27
2018-09-11L3_Common: extend the AuthVector to contain AUTSAlexander Couzens1-1/+6 less drastic wordingNeels Hofmeyr1-8/+9 speed up comparison loopNeels Hofmeyr1-2/+2
2018-09-06update expected resultsNeels Hofmeyr6-51/+57
2018-09-04L3_Template: add template ts_GMM_AUTH_FAIL_UMTS_AKA_RESYNCAlexander Couzens1-0/+22
2018-09-04sgsn: add TC_attach_gmm_attach_req_while_gmm_attachAlexander Couzens1-0/+73
2018-09-04sgsn: rework TC_attach_closed_add_vty to be executed in a single BSSGP_ConnHldrAlexander Couzens1-6/+13
2018-09-04sgsn: fix TC_attach_check_complete_resendAlexander Couzens1-1/+4
2018-09-04sgsn: increase the timeout of some TCAlexander Couzens1-7/+7
2018-09-04sgsn: use vty cmd `reset sgsn state`.Alexander Couzens1-1/+2
2018-09-04sgsn: introduce TC_attach_rau_a_bAlexander Couzens1-0/+34
2018-09-04sgsn: add optional bssgp index for f_upd_ptmsi_and_tlli f_bssgp_client_llgmm_...Alexander Couzens1-10/+10
2018-09-04update DTX fill frame test expectationsStefan Sperling1-19/+47
2018-08-31improve connection failure message in IPA emulationStefan Sperling1-1/+2
2018-08-30bts_tests: do not define bs_ag_blks_res in multiple locationsPhilipp Maier1-4/+8
2018-08-30show return code when sending L1CTL_FBSB_REQ failsStefan Sperling1-2/+3
2018-08-28sgsn: don't re-use the same NS for all 3 BSSGPAlexander Couzens2-14/+27
2018-08-24fix SCCPlite BSC tests: send IPA ID ACK, not GETNeels Hofmeyr2-3/+20
2018-08-22log / comment tweaksNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+11
2018-08-21MSC_Tests: Reliably pass TC_cr_before_resetDaniel Willmann1-0/+2
2018-08-14BSSGP_Emulation: dont fail when removing a non-exitent clientAlexander Couzens1-2/+2
2018-08-14BSSGP_Emulation: remove unused BSSGP_SP.receive(PDU_L3_MS_SGSN)Alexander Couzens1-8/+0
2018-08-14BSSGP_Emulation: move LLC layer out of BSSGPAlexander Couzens2-35/+54
2018-08-14BSSGP_Emulation: add type record LLC_EntitiesAlexander Couzens1-0/+2
2018-08-14sgsn: add f_cellid_to_RAI()Alexander Couzens1-0/+16
2018-08-14sgsn: introduce TC_attach_rau_a_a()Alexander Couzens1-0/+31