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@@ -4980,9 +4980,6 @@ private function f_mt_lu_and_csfb_call(charstring id, BSC_ConnHdlrPars pars, boo
/* Make sure that subscriber is still present and the SGs association is in tact (ref-counting) */
f_ctrl_get_exp(IPA_CTRL, "" & hex2str(g_pars.imsi) & ".state", "SGs-ASSOCIATED");
- /* Finally simulate the return of the UE to the 4G network */
- SGsAP.send(ts_SGsAP_MO_CSFB_IND(pars.imsi));
/* Test for successful return by triggering a paging, when the paging
* request is received via SGs, we can be sure that the MSC/VLR has
* recognized that the UE is now back on 4G */