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BTS_Tests.ttcn: add a test case for PTCCH/D and PTCCH/U
This test case is aimed to verify handling of both PTCCH/U and PTCCH/D logical channels, recently implemented in [1]. This is done by sending 16 Access Bursts on PTCCH/U, and then by sending a random data block on PTCCH/D. The existing TC_pcu_data_req_ptcch does not cover PTCCH/U, and moreover involves TBF handling which has nothing to do with PTCCH. Let's keep it anyway. [1] I232e5f514fbad2c51daaa59ff516004aba97c8a3 Change-Id: I011ffdfa63b698ce6085968d15ffb4ff4bd23ee5 Related: OS#4102
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