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RTP_Emulation: Avoid failure if T_transmit triggers between bind and connect
During MGCP_Test's f_flow_modify, an RTP socket may be Tx-enabled, and f_flow_modify first calls bind, then connect, with MDCX transaction in the middle (which can take some time). If T_transmit from RTP_Emulation triggers (RTP packet to be send), during that time, TTCN3 will fail to send the packet: RTP_Emulation.ttcn:312 Message enqueued on RTP from system @Socket_API_Definitions.PortEvent : { result := { errorCode := ERROR_SOCKET (4), connId := 2, os_error_code := 89, os_error_text := "Destination address required" } } id 1 Change-Id: I20e7aed35bb28200e30ee5efc718f77e036d8262
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