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WIP: MSC_Tests: Add SGs testcases
This extens MSC_Tests.ttcn with an initial set of SGs interface test cases for RESET, LU, DETACH, PAGING, SMS and CSFB procedures In particular the following testcases are added: - TC_sgsap_reset: isolated reset procedure test - TC_sgsap_lu: isolated location update with TMSI realloc - TC_sgsap_lu_imsi_reject: location update, reject case - TC_sgsap_lu_and_nothing: location update with failed TMSI realloc - TC_sgsap_expl_imsi_det_eps: detach from EPS serveces - TC_sgsap_expl_imsi_det_noneps: detach from non-EPS services - TC_sgsap_paging_rej: isolated paging, reject case - TC_sgsap_paging_subscr_rej: isolated paging, subscr rejects call - TC_sgsap_paging_ue_unr: isolated paging, ue is unreachable - TC_sgsap_paging_and_nothing: page, but don't respond - TC_sgsap_paging_and_lu: check paging followed by an LU - TC_sgsap_mt_sms: mobile terminated SMS through SGs Interface - TC_sgsap_mo_sms: mobile originated SMS through SGs Interface - TC_sgsap_mt_sms_and_nothing: trigger SMS, but don't respond to paging - TC_sgsap_mt_sms_and_reject: trigger SMS, but reject paging - TC_sgsap_unexp_ud: Send unexpected unitdata (SGs Association: NULL) - TC_sgsap_unsol_ud: Send unsolicited unitdata (subscriber not in VLR) - TC_bssap_lu_sgsap_lu_and_mt_call: LU on 2G, LU on SGs and CSFB call - TC_sgsap_lu_and_mt_call: LU on SGs, and CSFB call Change-Id: I38543c35a9e74cea276e58d1d7ef01ef07ffe858 Depends: osmo-msc I73359925fc1ca72b33a1466e6ac41307f2f0b11d Related: OS#3645
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FILES+="MGCP_CodecPort.ttcn "
FILES+="SMPP_CodecPort.ttcn SMPP_CodecPort_CtrlFunct.ttcn SMPP_Emulation.ttcn SMPP_Templates.ttcn "
FILES+="SS_Templates.ttcn SCCP_Templates.ttcn USSD_Helpers.ttcn "
-FILES+="SGsAP_Templates.ttcn "
+FILES+="SGsAP_Templates.ttcn SGsAP_CodecPort.ttcn SGsAP_CodecPort_CtrlFunct.ttcn SGsAP_Emulation.ttcn DNS_Helpers.ttcn "
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