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msc: mo and mt voice call tests: add lots of missing parts
Both f_mo_call_establish() and f_mt_call_establish() were testing barely half a voice call setup. For example, f_mo_call_establish() used to be satisfied with just two CRCX, but no actual RTP connections being made. Add numerous MNCC and MGCP messages more closely resembling an actual call. The main reason is to achieve a state that passes both current osmo-msc master as well as the upcoming inter-MSC Handover refactoring. Add log markers to f_*_call_*(): often when a test halts, it is not at all clear why. With these log markers it is saner to figure out what has happened and what hasn't. Change-Id: I162985045bb5e129977a3a797b656e30220990df
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