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bsc: Test CSFB "Fast Return" in new TC_chan_rel_hard_clear_csfb
When a MSC releases a connection using the BSSMAP CLEAR CMD, it can specify that this call was part of CSFB. The BSC is then supposed to add a special IE to the RR RELEASE message which will help the phone to switch back to LTE as soon as possible. This commit adds a new test case testing for exactly that behavior. The test does *not* verify if the EARFCN information contained is actually correct, only that the IE is present in the RR RELEASE. Change-Id: I7501fb25578412c882ff92da5d388f3079bbce7f Requires: osmo-bsc Ibfbb87e2e16b05032ad1cb91c11fad1b2f76d755 Related: OS#3777
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