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authorPau Espin Pedrol <>2020-11-05 13:47:24 +0100
committerPau Espin Pedrol <>2020-11-06 14:20:37 +0100
commit4fbeefd8cfbf0d2e61a3d3ab28642b80ae17fa95 (patch)
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pcu: Relax some CS/MCS expectancy checks
Previous commit implemented the CS/MCS verification, and hence now some tests fail because they had too restrictive checks. In theory the verifications could be done so restrictive by configuring the PCU accordingly at the start of the test, but we are not really interested in checking the exact CS/MCS in these tests, only checking if GPRS/EGPRS is being used. Change-Id: I79b81d473b7428b57a0ec501c5bd0d88e35c81e3
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diff --git a/library/RLCMAC_Templates.ttcn b/library/RLCMAC_Templates.ttcn
index f7bd570..f24cce1 100644
--- a/library/RLCMAC_Templates.ttcn
+++ b/library/RLCMAC_Templates.ttcn
@@ -18,6 +18,10 @@ module RLCMAC_Templates {
import from RLCMAC_CSN1_Templates all;
import from RLCMAC_Types all;
+ template CodingScheme cs_gprs_any := (CS_1, CS_2, CS_3, CS_4);
+ template CodingScheme mcs_egprs_any := (MCS_1, MCS_2, MCS_3, MCS_4, MCS_5,
+ MCS_6, MCS_7, MCS_8, MCS_9);
/* TS 44.060 10.4.5 */
function f_rrbp_fn_delay(MacRrbp rrbp) return uint32_t {
select (rrbp) {