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remsim: Integrate VPCD test port into RemsimBankd_Tests.ttcnHEADmasterlaforge/remsim
VPCD (specifically ifd-vpcd) is an ifd-handler (reader driver) for a virtual smart card reader integrated with pcsc-lite. It is part of the virtualsmartcard project. Using this ifd-vpcd, we can implementa virtual smart card reader beneath osmo-remsim-bankd, which allows us to implement both the smart card [reader] below osmo-remsim-bankd as well as the osmo-remsim-server + client above osmo-remsim-bankd - in other words a fully virtualized test fixture for bankd. Change-Id: I967f2d526f4ef1278bd2ac1d590a8dce732379d5
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