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MSC_Tests: fix TC_mo_crcx_ran_reject
The testcase intentionally responds to the RAN sided CRCX with a garbeled message to cause the MGCP handlin inside the MSC to fail. The MSC is then expected not to perform further MGCP operations since it did not get a proper response to the first CRCX, so the specific endpoint name is not known, eventually preventing from doing an MDCX. However, the testcase responds to incoming DLCX commands, instead setting the verdict to fail. Also the altstep that dispatches the message after the errornous MGCP response unconditionally catches all BSSAP messages before entering the sub-altstep as_clear_cmd_compl_disc() that handles the clearing of the connection. Eventually the clear command is never received in this sub-altstep. - Make sure the verdict is set to fail when an MGCP message is received after the errornous response to the CRCX. - Remove the unconditional BSSAP.receive in order to be able to dispatch the clear command properly - Update the expected-results.log file Change-Id: I806491741d310e4410f6cb4ce0309235e9bf4300 Related: OS#2882
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