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test GGSN support for optional GTP-U sequence numbers
Add VTY functionality to GGSN tests, and use the VTY to enable/disable GTP-U Tx sequence numbers in the running osmo-ggsn. The GTPU packet template now makes sequence numbers optional. A template created with its sequence number set to 'omit' will result in a packet without a sequence number, i.e. the 'sequence number present' bit in the packet header is cleared, and the sequence number field is omitted from the encoded GTPU T-PDU packet. Re-use the existing TC_pdp4_clients_interact() test for testing the behaviour of osmo-ggsn. This test is now run twice, once with and once without GTP-U Tx sequence numbers. Verify that packets relayed by osmo-ggsn match its "g-pdu tx-sequence-numbers" configuration setting. Change-Id: I1dc299407c61b1c865035add44067b8ab89001b3 Related: OS#2519
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