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ggsn_tests: Add test case to validate packets forwarded vs dropped
New dependency is required: titan.ProtocolModules.ICMP It tests that ICMP echo packets can be sent successfully (reply is received or otherwise dest unreachable if routing is not set up correctly during the test). It also tests some cases in which osmo-ggsn is required to drop the packets (eg. unknown src ip unrelated to pdp ctx). It also checks that IPv6 packets are dropped in IPv4 pdp ctx and viceversa It also checks that IPv6 packets are dropped in IPv4 pdp ctx and vice versa. Change-Id: Ib9c6043a6cd3b6622782ec7e7fcd2815101755ba
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@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@ DIR=$BASEDIR/titan.TestPorts.IPL4asp/src
FILES="IPL4asp_Functions.ttcn IPL4asp_PT.hh IPL4asp_PortType.ttcn IPL4asp_Types.ttcn IPL4asp_protocol_L234.hh"
gen_links $DIR $FILES
+FILES=" ICMP_Types.ttcn"
+gen_links $DIR $FILES
FILES=" ICMPv6_Types.ttcn"
gen_links $DIR $FILES