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BTS_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_pcu_data_ind_lqual_cbHEADmaster
The idea of this test case is to verify that the link quality measurements, in particular C/I (Carrier-to-Interference ratio), are delivered to the PCU (as a part of PCUIF_DATA.ind). The C/I ratio needs to be calculated by the transceiver from the training sequence of each burst, where we can compare the "ideal" training sequence with the actual training sequence and then express that in cB (centiBels). This test case can only be executed with and trxcon, because this pair allows us to simulate C/I values. Also, the new TRXD header format needs to be supported (see OS#4006). Change-Id: I67d89b2f0e13a7a6f74f001b19d37add77ec06f5 Depends: (OsmocomBB) I7080effbbc1022d1884c6d6f0cb580eba8e514ff Related: OS#1855
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