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MSC_Tests.ttcn: introduce TC_gsup_mo_mt_sms_rp_mr
The idea of this test case is to verify SM-RP-MR assignment for a few concurrent MO/MT SMS being sent over GSUP. Basically, the algorythm is the following: 1.0 establish a RAN connection, 1.1 send CM Service Request for MO SMMA indication, 1.2 submit MO SMMA indication on DTAP, 1.3 expect MO-ForwardSM-Req on GSUP, 2.0 send MT SMS using MT-ForwardSM-Req on GSUP, 2.1 expect CP-DATA/RP-DATA for MT SMS on DTAP, 3.0 compare both SM-RP-MR values (for MT, assigned by the MSC), 3.1 send MO-ForwardSM-Res for MO SMMA on GSUP, 3.1.1 expect CP-DATA/RP-ACK for MO SMMA on DTAP, 3.2 send CP-DATA/RP-ACK for MT SMS on DTAP, 3.2.1 expect MT-ForwardSM-Res for MT SMS on GSUP. Change-Id: I17cbbaa64d9bce770f985588e93cd3eecd732120
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