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authorPau Espin Pedrol <>2020-09-01 12:54:12 +0200
committerpespin <>2020-09-09 16:50:53 +0000
commit24c0599541a321547b10fbd1a0f57fc9d414e082 (patch)
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parentdb2dc0494eda03880551013001073a71f539634f (diff)
bsc: Fix race condition waiting for RESET-ACK
This scenario appeared in jenkins runs of BSC_Tests making TC_ctrl_msc_connection_status fail (the first test in the suite). I could however not reproduce it on my local docker setup because it really seems like a timing race condition. The scenario is: TTCN3 -> BSC: RESET TTCN3 <- BSC: RESET TTCN3 -> BSC: RESET-ACK In there, TTCN3's f_legacy_bssap_reset() expected a RESET-ACK to be received, but it may well be that the other end never saw the RESET and hence it will never sent the RESET-ACK, since it indicated it became available afterwards. In that case (RESET received), let's not fail if a RESET-ACK is never received, since the connection is actually in the desired state and this scenario can happen and it's all fine. Change-Id: Ic92e0fb7033e5134b66e485a11371394adaba78a
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1 files changed, 12 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn b/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn
index d32f202..4c45028 100644
--- a/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn
+++ b/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn
@@ -744,6 +744,7 @@ private function f_shutdown_helper() runs on test_CT {
private function f_legacy_bssap_reset(integer bssap_idx := 0) runs on test_CT {
var BSSAP_N_UNITDATA_ind ud_ind;
+ var boolean reset_received := false;
timer T := 5.0;
BSSAP.send(ts_BSSAP_UNITDATA_req(g_bssap[bssap_idx].sccp_addr_peer, g_bssap[bssap_idx].sccp_addr_own,
ts_BSSMAP_Reset(0, g_osmux_enabled)));
@@ -757,10 +758,20 @@ private function f_legacy_bssap_reset(integer bssap_idx := 0) runs on test_CT {
log("Respoding to inbound RESET with RESET-ACK");
BSSAP.send(ts_BSSAP_UNITDATA_req(ud_ind.callingAddress, ud_ind.calledAddress,
+ reset_received := true;
[] BSSAP.receive { repeat; }
- [] T.timeout { setverdict(fail, "Waiting for RESET-ACK after sending RESET"); }
+ [] T.timeout {
+ log("Timeout waiting for RESET-ACK after sending RESET");
+ /* If we received a RESET after ours was sent, it
+ may be a race condition where the other peer beacame
+ available after we sent it, but we are in a desired
+ state anyway, so go forward. */
+ if (not reset_received) {
+ setverdict(fail);
+ }
+ }