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MSC_ConnectionHandler: Make sure COMPLETE LAYER 3 INFORMATION contains a codecList
Since our BSC implementation supports AoIP, the COMPLETE LAYER 3 INFORMATION message must contan a Codec List (BSS Supported) information element. The test currently just receive a L3 compl Template and then continue. This is implemented without an altstep. So lets have an altstep with timeout here and make sure that the codecList information element is always included. However, since AoIP was specified after sccp-lite, we need to make sure that for sccp-lite configurations, the Codec List is not included. - Check L3 compl message using an alt-step - Make sure codecList is always included (for AoIP) Change-Id: Ia16a454e78421430ec32cc37939d429970cb06ec Related: OS#3548
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