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sgsn: test umts aka with gsm sres response
Add ability to test UMTS AKA, by f_gmm_attach() with flags to select UMTS AKA and to respond to it with GSM AKA SRES. Add TC_attach_umts_aka_umts_res and TC_attach_umts_aka_gsm_sres. Change existing TC_attach_* to also call f_gmm_attach(). (Actually, f_gmm_attach() is almost exactly the previous TC_attach function body.) osmo-sgsn change I36807bad3bc55c0030d4f09cb2c369714f24bec7 will implement proper handling of GSM AKA response and make TC_attach_umts_aka_gsm_sres pass. Related: OS#3193 OS#3224 Change-Id: I201ffeaee4439a413ab8289aceeccca9aba40a7a
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