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BSC_Tests: use consistant AMR S0-S15 bits
At the moment we use the default S0-S15 bits for the AMR config, regardless what RSL_IE_Body mr_conf or osmo-bsc.cfg sets. - Make sure consistant S0-S15 bits are used for AMR related tests. This is a re-submit of change I794e6d4fe8abc67337428cbe0bcc8802fae37a6e, which had to be reverted because the depending patch in osmo-bsc is not yet merged into master. This caused TC_assignment_codec_amr_f and TC_assignment_codec_amr_h to fail. Change-Id: Ia98f18ba2c17c85ed01488734dc6df67f5b60d41 Depends: osmo-bsc: I2d8ded51b3eb4c003fe2da6f2d6f48d001b73737 Related: OS#3529
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