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Add initial OsmoBTS test suite
This Test suite implements the BSC-side of Abis RSL and is used to test OsmoBTS. It contains provisions for using L1CTL against (virt_phy + osmo-bts-virtual) or (trxcon + fake_trx + osmo-bts-trx) to also simulate the MS/Um side, bu those provisions are not used yet. Implemented tests currently are only related to RSL dedicated channel activation / deactivation. We still terminate OML inside OsmoBSC, and let the test suite deal exclusively with RSL to keep complexity low. Change-Id: I8ced0d29777aad3ec842d54eabea87dfcc943c79
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-SUBDIRS=bsc bsc-nat ggsn_tests gprs_gb lapdm mgw msc selftest sgsn sysinfo
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