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authorPhilipp Maier <>2018-05-18 11:25:37 +0200
committerPhilipp Maier <>2018-05-28 10:21:42 +0200
commit2300073379a67e1729ae19fb5cdaac184d27e50b (patch)
parent8ef527e75cf5456344144ebe25667adb93b64fb3 (diff)
BSC_Tests: fix TC_ciph_mode_a5_{0,1,3}
The helper function f_tc_ciph_mode_a5(), thich performs all of the three tests currently disables the ASSIGNMENT COMMAND since due to a bug in OsmoBSC a MODE MODIFY would be attempted by the BSC, causing the testcase to fail. The problem in OsmoBSC is now fixed and the ASSIGNMENT COMMAND can be re-enabled again for this test. However, the test function includes and expects an AoIP transport layer address, which is not included for signalling assignments. - Make sure no AoIP transport identifier is included in ths ASSIGNMENT COMMAND - Do not expect an AoIP transport identifier in the ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE from the BSC - Re-Enable the generation of the ASSIGNMENT COMMAND Change-Id: Ib39d7dd2d1b3665570d7b287e431d10111316437 Closes: OS#2936
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn b/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn
index 58f2704..0da0a59 100644
--- a/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn
+++ b/bsc/BSC_Tests.ttcn
@@ -1473,10 +1473,12 @@ private function f_tc_ciph_mode_a5(charstring id) runs on MSC_ConnHdlr {
var template PDU_BSSAP exp_compl := f_gen_exp_compl();
var PDU_BSSAP ass_cmd := f_gen_ass_req();
ass_cmd.pdu.bssmap.assignmentRequest.channelType := valueof(ts_BSSMAP_IE_ChannelTypeSIGNAL);
+ ass_cmd.pdu.bssmap.assignmentRequest.circuitIdentityCode := omit;
+ ass_cmd.pdu.bssmap.assignmentRequest.aoIPTransportLayer := omit;
+ exp_compl.pdu.bssmap.assignmentComplete.circuitIdentityCode := omit;
+ exp_compl.pdu.bssmap.assignmentComplete.aoIPTransportLayer := omit;
- // Disable generation of ASSIGNMENT CMD, as OsmoBSC currently performs MODE MODFIY sign->sign (OS#2936)
- //f_establish_fully(ass_cmd, exp_compl);
- f_establish_fully(omit, exp_compl);
+ f_establish_fully(ass_cmd, exp_compl);
testcase TC_ciph_mode_a5_0() runs on test_CT {
var MSC_ConnHdlr vc_conn;