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GGSN_Tests: test what happens when PCO contains only one DNS entry
When the protocol configuration options (PCO) contain an IPCP container then lists only one one DNS server (normally there are two included, a primary and a secondary). Than the parser in osmo-ggsn runs into an endles loop. This testcase tries to provoke this behavior by sending PDP CONTEXT ACTIVATE messages with PCO that contain only a single DNS entry per IPCP container. The hanging of osmo-ggsn is already fixed (see Depends). However when Primary and Secondary DNS are in separate IPCP containers, then only the first IPCP container is parsed (see also OS#3381) Change-Id: I71761e1f9db7ceac3c3df43d2e539f8c8d53c4fc Depends: osmo-msc Icffde89f9bc5d8fcadf6e2dd6c0b4de03440edd5 Closes: OS#3288 Related: OS#3381
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