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authorThomas Tsou <tom@tsou.cc>2013-11-13 23:14:48 -0500
committerThomas Tsou <tom@tsou.cc>2013-11-15 23:35:07 -0500
commit30421a7e252889efbd1941d5220d06cbf7161160 (patch)
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Transceiver52M: Refactor receive path outer burst handling
Separate the large pullRadioVector() call, which forms the central portion of the receive path burst processing. Break out RACH, normal burst, and demodulation into separate methods. This makes the burst handling from the FIFO read to soft bit output somewhat more manageable. Signed-off-by: Thomas Tsou <tom@tsou.cc>
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diff --git a/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.h b/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.h
index 671603e..30b2fd3 100644
--- a/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.h
+++ b/Transceiver52M/Transceiver.h
@@ -137,6 +137,22 @@ private:
/** send messages over the clock socket */
void writeClockInterface(void);
+ /** Detect RACH bursts */
+ bool detectRACH(TransceiverState *state,
+ signalVector &burst,
+ complex &amp, float &toa);
+ /** Detect normal bursts */
+ bool detectTSC(TransceiverState *state,
+ signalVector &burst,
+ complex &amp, float &toa, GSM::Time &time);
+ /** Demodulat burst and output soft bits */
+ SoftVector *demodulate(TransceiverState *state,
+ signalVector &burst, complex amp,
+ float toa, size_t tn, bool equalize);
int mSPSTx; ///< number of samples per Tx symbol
int mSPSRx; ///< number of samples per Rx symbol
size_t mChans;