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authorbhargava <Bhargava.Abhyankar@radisys.com>2016-08-17 15:17:21 +0530
committerHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2016-08-27 01:22:48 +0000
commit959d1dee67e1c6fcfc57b347be2fb7a2ed099b2d (patch)
tree8c38b916599ada30db3c40bc317d11e4e65deb63 /src/bts.h
parenteebcb1e3e87a37cde3ac6aaf89b8c6c201abb6ba (diff)
Change interface in osmo-pcu for 11 bit RACH
Interface structure between osmo-bts and osmo-pcu is updated with the parameters to differentiate the type of RACH and further support 11 bit RACH. The function prototype and definitions are changed accordingly. Interface version number is increased. Change-Id: I265c2d92d36d6cbcbeee60cdd8407dafe1da06a4
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/bts.h b/src/bts.h
index 38896c8..801342d 100644
--- a/src/bts.h
+++ b/src/bts.h
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ extern "C" {
#include <osmocom/core/stat_item.h>
#include <osmocom/core/timer.h>
#include <osmocom/core/gsmtap.h>
+#include <osmocom/gsm/l1sap.h>
#include "poll_controller.h"
@@ -289,7 +290,8 @@ public:
int tfi_find_free(enum gprs_rlcmac_tbf_direction dir, uint8_t *_trx, int8_t use_trx);
int rcv_imm_ass_cnf(const uint8_t *data, uint32_t fn);
- int rcv_rach(uint8_t ra, uint32_t Fn, int16_t qta);
+ int rcv_rach(uint16_t ra, uint32_t Fn, int16_t qta, uint8_t is_11bit,
+ enum ph_burst_type burst_type);
void trigger_dl_ass(gprs_rlcmac_dl_tbf *tbf, gprs_rlcmac_tbf *old_tbf);
void snd_dl_ass(gprs_rlcmac_tbf *tbf, uint8_t poll, const char *imsi);