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CC: intentionally release T308 on BSSMAP Clear Request from BSC
So far we hit a running T308 during CC release when caused by a BSSMAP Clear Request, and we loudly log that as error. However, now I understand that T308 is a direct cause of the dispatch of a REL IND towards MNCC, which is used to indicate teardown to MNCC. So during _gsm48_cc_trans_free(), we first clear all timers, then invoke mncc_release_ind() which starts another timer (useful for graceful CC Release, but in this code path the intention is immediate release). Simply immediately cancel the timer again and release the conn. A separate question is whether a BSSMAP Clear Request should be less aggressive in releasing the connections; i.e. instead of calling trans_free() all around, to rather ask each transaction to "please stop soon", somehow. Related: OS#3062 Change-Id: I231fdb574a086a206321148474cbdc7ca9cf39f0
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