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2019-04-15Bump version: 0.0.0 → Smith1-0/+6
Change-Id: Ied515c46f7de5fb0224ac5b3d16ee2709d614202
2019-04-12Add debian packaging for osmo-gsm-manuals-devOliver Smith6-0/+76
Allow including pdf manuals in each Osmocom repositories -doc debian package, by depending on osmo-gsm-manuals-dev. Related: OS#3899 Example usage: I4c184c62804c0b805a0a2425a5bd0312e94e49ab (osmo-bts.git) Change-Id: I7edb5093e5b58eb3b0f7af2376476db4026db735 proper noarch pkgconfig install dirOliver Smith1-2/+2
Don't install the noarch osmo-gsm-manuals.pc file to $prefix/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig when building a debian package (dpkg-buildpackage seems to set $libdir accordingly). Always install to $prefix/lib/pkgconfig. The debian dir for creating a package from this repository will be added in a follow up patch. Related: OS#3899 Change-Id: I63bc8ab6d2845751079f40383d2aa92c709ce2fe add {,un}install targetsOliver Smith2-1/+30
Allow installing generated pdfs with 'make install' in all Osmocom projects using osmo-gsm-manuals. This makes proper debian packaging of the manuals easier. Autotools will automatically run this file's install target, when running 'make install' in the top source dir. Do not install anything, when OSMO_GSM_MANUALS_NO_INSTALL is set, and set this variable for the tests dir, so we don't install the test pdfs. Related: OS#3899 Change-Id: I66f33172fa410681acbaef4592e9405627948705 don't depend on git binaryOliver Smith1-1/+0
Remove git from depends, because it isn't needed when building the manuals from a source tarball. Avoid having git in the build dependencies of the upcoming manuals packaging for debian. Related: OS#3899 Change-Id: I46ad818a1d009c03357821f7c8100ecb5d62962e
2019-04-10build/ use default python verOliver Smith1-1/+1
Don't explicitly depend on python 3, so we don't need to have python 2 *and* python 3 installed to build osmo-gsm-manuals. The script is short and works fine with either python version. Related: OS#3899 Change-Id: I8af9b8159f5c7e39b905f85edd1584cb4d5a33ef
2019-04-04bts: Change VTY sample output from OpenBSC to OsmoBSCDaniel Willmann1-17/+17
Change-Id: Id473b625f47b3cf7ee10ced866d49eb678161719
2019-03-13fix typo: SIGTAN->SIGTRANHarald Welte1-1/+1
Change-Id: I4b9ed7d61a23cf327889b3e513af74e8c86b161c
2019-02-22chapters/gsup.adoc: move IMEI IEs to right placeOliver Smith1-18/+23
Move the "IMEI" and "IMEI Check Result" IEs from the "Session (transaction) management" chapter (which describes session IEs) to the "Information Elements" chapter. Add a comment to prevent this mistake in the future. Related: OS#2541 Change-Id: I6fd66419350e018a763b8fac3daf567b339a2637
2019-02-19chapters/gsup.adoc: add message sequence charts for SMS over GSUPHarald Welte3-0/+88
Change-Id: I9a0536f285f98f24fec4d7318f1923782ed2e18c Related Change-Id: Ie0150756c33c1352bc4eb49421824542c711175c Related Change-Id: I549b6c8840a1e86caac09e77fb8bc5042d939e62
2019-02-01GSUP: message category indicated by last two bitsOliver Smith1-0/+13
Make this part of the specification, so we can simplify libosmocore code by knowing that error message is (request message | 0x000001). Related: I46d9f2327791978710e2f90b4d28a3761d723d8f (libosmocore) Change-Id: Iec1b4ce4b7d8eb157406f006e1c4241e8fba2cd6
2019-01-21common: extend glossary.adocOliver Smith1-1/+23
Add EIR, IMEISV, LU, SS, TS, USSD, and VLR, clarify the difference between IMEI and IMEISV. Change-Id: I054a8599a78eb5e62ab7af914875e1c8a992af71
2018-12-21chapters/gsup.adoc: document CHECK-IMEIOliver Smith1-0/+79
Related Change-Id: (core) I085819df0ea7f3bfeb0cabebb5fd1942a23c6155 Related: OS#3733 Change-Id: I51dd09cda3c595f1d252546285ced9f06c748617
2018-12-21chapters/gsup.adoc: explain msg format columnsOliver Smith1-0/+4
Explain the M, O, C and V, TLV letters in the presence and format columns. Change-Id: Idf8614d4d0f462174426fd3afdb34bedfb859951
2018-12-18chapters/gsup.adoc: document READY-FOR-SM messageVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+73
Change-Id: I549b6c8840a1e86caac09e77fb8bc5042d939e62 Related Change-Id: (core) Ic37f3b2114b8095cfce22977e67133b9103942e3 Related Change-Id: (TTCN) If2256607527ecfcb10285583332fb8b0515d7c78 Related: OS#3587
2018-12-18chapters/gsup.adoc: document MO-/MT-forwardSM messagesVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+213
Change-Id: Ie0150756c33c1352bc4eb49421824542c711175c Related Change-Id: (core) Ibe325c64ae2d6c626b232533bb4cbc65fc2b5d71 Related Change-Id: (TTCN) Ibf49474a81235096c032ea21f217170f523bd94e Related: OS#3587 publish: don't depend on checkOliver Smith1-1/+1
The 'check' target is only available when including, which is not always the case. Some projects only build the VTY reference. Do not depend on check, so publishing the VTY reference for these projects is working as expected. Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I64aae0016095d81ca9e9ebda9a2e3336ac126639
2018-12-03chapters/gsup.adoc: fix direction for SS messagesVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+2
Most likely, this was a copy-paste error. SGSN is not involved in Supplemeptary Services handling, they are pure CS data. Moreover, HLR is not the only entity that can initiate both Process Supplementary Service Error and Response messages, there is also EUSE (External USSD handling Entity). Change-Id: I46ad7311747f2b392244c49d3df1e152e6f1bfe3
2018-11-29remove leftovers from manuals moveOliver Smith2-21/+0
Remove leftover OsmoMSC/, which should have been deleted already in Ib234fe4f4ac36c27a4ad8a8d0050c1d6874232bc ("remove OsmoMSC files (now avail in osmo-msc.git)"). Remove the upload taget in, as there are not project specific files anymore. Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I8716c41b03b09250e61e6a29fe9589454258fe03
2018-11-29remove OsmoMGCP, OsmoNAT files (now avail in openbsc.git)Oliver Smith10-3614/+2
Files were added in openbsc.git Change-Id Ibace91bc518079765e12529596a1763b6c5a04b5 Depends: openbsc.git Change-Id Ibace91bc518079765e12529596a1763b6c5a04b5 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Icdbdc4518b049135f18ac4a569ff5ffe4f3d5a86
2018-11-29INSTALL.txt: "make check" needs libxml2-utilsOliver Smith1-0/+4
Change-Id: I6fba644cff833c912f6d83651a1ee27c1c4884d2
2018-11-29remove OsmocomBB files (now avail in osmocom-bb.git)Oliver Smith6-203/+2
Files were added in osmocom-bb.git Change-Id I7d1226d3865da9595b730b716a8d4ba07be1e0d5 Depends: osmocom-bb.git Change-Id I7d1226d3865da9595b730b716a8d4ba07be1e0d5 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I5a4839be7a3122ab566023a3e7b3bc955db98ba4
2018-11-29remove OsmoNITB files (now avail in openbsc.git)Oliver Smith15-6041/+0
Files were added in openbsc.git Change-Id I4466d820cb3a5609a4a8534b1581684f891a04cd Depends: openbsc.git Change-Id I4466d820cb3a5609a4a8534b1581684f891a04cd Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I2d4f4d6dc5a70e27de464921f4fe0aab4ca8ec72
2018-11-29remove OsmoGSMTester files (now avail in osmo-gsm-tester.git)Oliver Smith11-1543/+0
Files were added in osmo-gsm-tester.git Change-Id I8a34871948425ea40f40dbb11a59806905e4bed1 Depends: osmo-gsm-tester.git Change-Id I8a34871948425ea40f40dbb11a59806905e4bed1 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I89429a306d37e267fdb335d1c177c9ede3b64444
2018-11-28remove OsmoTRX files (now avail in osmo-trx.git)Oliver Smith18-1827/+0
Files were added in osmo-trx.git Change-Id I2762171af0bf719a34ba12a0c2e4dcc206098beb Depends: osmo-trx.git Change-Id I2762171af0bf719a34ba12a0c2e4dcc206098beb Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: If7cd43eec5f9d20f7f4200340e96ed0e0908e253
2018-11-28remove OsmoSTP files (now avail in libosmo-sccp.git)Oliver Smith8-1669/+0
Files were added in libosmo-sccp.git Change-Id Ib5a22c2ea81fdde036bf9efb47d785a830b88c93 Depends: libosmo-sccp.git Change-Id Ib5a22c2ea81fdde036bf9efb47d785a830b88c93 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I971ef93a675412ea27d8bf193db6b9b35428f0bc
2018-11-28remove OsmoSIPConnector files (now avail in osmo-sip-connector.git)Oliver Smith11-1448/+0
Files were added in osmo-sip-connector.git Change-Id I1317131ed6765fec996344fc6ed08350187b615b Depends: osmo-sip-connector.git Change-Id I1317131ed6765fec996344fc6ed08350187b615b Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Id77812586eb21932b563b57e75cd85b721b7d6ab
2018-11-28remove OsmoSGSN files (now avail in osmo-sgsn.git)Oliver Smith14-3298/+0
Files were added in osmo-sgsn.git Change-Id I0477d7c871413bd90b365d3064bac3cba23a0883 Depends: osmo-sgsn.git Change-Id I0477d7c871413bd90b365d3064bac3cba23a0883 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Ia6fae983bbcabceb3f470af750c724e12c96423e
2018-11-28remove OsmoPCU files (now avail in osmo-pcu.git)Oliver Smith18-2479/+0
Files were added in osmo-pcu.git Change-Id I7270652de393a98748c0cdc51e626c17ab8f44c2 Depends: osmo-pcu.git Change-Id I7270652de393a98748c0cdc51e626c17ab8f44c2 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I2a1de294883491487aa270b1e30160d559ef063a
2018-11-28remove OsmoMGW files (now avail in osmo-mgw.git)Oliver Smith14-2050/+0
Files were added in osmo-mgw.git Change-Id I504f05a49721f2dfe105b6c5fd1995c4e7a0be9c Depends: osmo-mgw.git Change-Id I504f05a49721f2dfe105b6c5fd1995c4e7a0be9c Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I793a7150b676837cfa8591f7504872b04d4b1f7f
2018-11-28remove OsmoHLR files (now avail in osmo-hlr.git)Oliver Smith16-1895/+0
Files were added in osmo-hlr.git Change-Id I52b7b06fddd77c6dc272004f434e9e7651f6b349 Depends: osmo-hlr.git Change-Id I52b7b06fddd77c6dc272004f434e9e7651f6b349 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Ice3f24888deed8affec40d5d91d71d5e1f3827c8
2018-11-28remove OsmoGGSN files (now avail in osmo-ggsn.git)Oliver Smith11-2169/+0
Files were added in osmo-ggsn.git Change-Id I14533676d5774ee0d0ee5054ba77d7dac32cff43 Depends: osmo-ggsn.git Change-Id I14533676d5774ee0d0ee5054ba77d7dac32cff43 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I4b9e2836a74b84bfc73ea7048a137ab5253d9045
2018-11-28remove OsmoBTS files (now avail in osmo-bts.git)Oliver Smith40-7054/+0
Files were added in osmo-bts.git Change-Id I728ebb56ade6dda079a0744c4e592284e1bea4f6 Depends: osmo-bts.git Change-Id I728ebb56ade6dda079a0744c4e592284e1bea4f6 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I34426309cb009229069e1472fac86efab38a2f6e
2018-11-28remove OsmoBSC files (now avail in osmo-bsc.git)Oliver Smith37-8030/+0
Files were added in osmo-bsc.git Change-Id I92c0f771d4ffc2b0401d26e25cb0b3817e6f95ea Depends: osmo-bsc.git Change-Id I92c0f771d4ffc2b0401d26e25cb0b3817e6f95ea Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Ib7e60990b59eeb1c5904fdcbd0c01d4a1f46fec6
2018-11-28OsmoNITB: bsc_vty_additions.xml: replace symlink with copyOliver Smith1-1/+10
Replace the symlink that points to OsmoBSC/vty/bsc_vty_additions.xml with a copy of that file, so we can delete the OsmoBSC dir. Change-Id: Ifbffc90d56f0fa90d2da77dd7807cd0bb197c0d7
2018-11-28remove OsmoMSC files (now avail in osmo-msc.git)Oliver Smith18-3431/+0
Files were added in osmo-msc.git Change-Id Ic3c5add3c87f0aadb1ffab668ce16be6d0805d33. The other project specific files will be moved in future commits. One commit per dir. Depends: osmo-msc.git Change-Id Ic3c5add3c87f0aadb1ffab668ce16be6d0805d33 Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Ib234fe4f4ac36c27a4ad8a8d0050c1d6874232bc
2018-11-26ctrl: clarify use of id = 0Max1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ic00de5023e7a1ec6426a0178778d35b13c337271
2018-11-21publish from project repos, not this repo anymoreOliver Smith4-17/+31
Do not publish PDFs for all projects anymore with --publish or "make publish". Extract known_hosts from, and install it along with the other shared files in OSMO_GSM_MANUALS_DIR. Add a "publish" target to, so we can use it from the project repositories. Document its usage in INSTALL.txt. No automatism for building and publishing the documentation of all projects will be implemented in this patch series, as discussed here: (moving manuals to project repositories 19/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Ibe0424ceace151115985896b6d43035c69067c50 run 'make distcheck'Oliver Smith1-0/+1
Everything is in place for 'make distcheck' now. (moving manuals to project repositories 18/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Ie31fba3d1afd31c25489ce08169101d9ed9de536
2018-11-21*/ add EXTRA_DISTOliver Smith17-0/+93
Necessary for 'make distcheck': the files will otherwise not end up in the dist archives. (moving manuals to project repositories 17/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I5a2d6e572d346addc8770d1331c9223a56635869
2018-11-21gitignore: add "make distcheck" generated filesOliver Smith1-0/+4
(moving manuals to project repositories 16/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I876b0fa08d2987d285b6d77ef13069228c8b8d37 chmod xsltproc outputOliver Smith1-0/+8
Force the xsltproc output file to be writable, if it exists already. This is needed for 'make distcheck': xsltproc gives output files the same permissions as input files. We need to change the output file in multiple iterations in, hence it must be writable. (moving manuals to project repositories 15/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I693e12ee15665d01cbc50187e6cb3ca74ad0356a
2018-11-21copy NITB's osmobsc-usermanual.adoc to OsmoBSCOliver Smith2-1/+282
Includes from other projects don't work anymore when moving project specific manuals into other repositories. (moving manuals to project repositories 14/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I96933dd4dd6cac159847647f1c642215051a9aad
2018-11-21*.adoc: use {srcdir} for out-of-tree buildsOliver Smith19-82/+82
Define a new {srcdir} variable in, that can be used in all adoc files. The value is the same as the Makefile variable $(srcdir). Use {srcdir} in the "include::" lines of all adoc files. (moving manuals to project repositories 13/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I823e3d534cbc9ffceb68d3ab14c9f6710ff2eb2a
2018-11-21Makefile.*.inc: adjust to out-of-tree buildingOliver Smith3-8/+31 create a symlink for the root adoc file, from which a PDF gets generated, from the srcdir to the builddir. This file may include other adoc files, which do not get symlinked. We need to do this, because a2x (the program generating the PDF file) does not have a parameter for the output file, and will otherwise generate the PDF in the srcdir instead of the builddir. Do the same in the check target, so the relative include paths work the same., set the include paths for the xstl parser, as well as the LaTeX compiler, so they can find the files they need from both OSMO_GSM_MANUALS_DIR and builddir., refer to the output file $@ with $(notdir $@). This removes the path from the file, like basename from coreutils. The output file will then be placed in the builddir instead of the srcdir. use $(srcdir) in references to vty/*.xml files. (moving manuals to project repositories 12/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Ie6b212a6518f0fc29fae610a37ae6c533189278d
2018-11-21Osmo*/ use $(srcdir), $(top_srcdir)Oliver Smith19-38/+38
Use $(srcdir) infront of all relative paths, which reference other files in the repository. Use $(top_srcdir) as OSMO_GSM_MANUALS_DIR. This is needed for out-of-tree building. (moving manuals to project repositories 11/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I2454d7507fae4e1c47458a1adf36f68e637f4bbc add *reference.xml argOliver Smith2-4/+9
Pass the path to $(srcdir)/vty/*reference.xml as parameter to instead of assuming that it will be in ./vty/*reference.xml. This is necessary to make the build scripts work for out-of-tree builds. Because when building out-of-tree, the source dir and build dir (the one where the Makefile gets generated, and in which "make" runs), are not the same anymore. The relative vty/reference.xml path is only valid in the source dir, not in the build dir. The next commits in this series have more changes for out-of-tree builds. Out-of-tree building is necessary for consistency with the other Osmocom code, which can be built out-of-tree as well. It would be strange if this did not work anymore as soon as the users enabled building the manuals. (moving manuals to project repositories 10/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I3dcb49d7705f882bd117088d4e5eab91dd1c7d8c
2018-11-21*-vty-reference.xml: use ./common, not ../commonOliver Smith15-15/+15
Change hardcoded ../common paths, which will break when moving the project specific manuals in other repositories, to ./common so they use the dynamically created symlink that always points to the right path. (moving manuals to project repositories 9/19) Change-Id: I5368bcff34586c515af23e5a868417e561fd539d
2018-11-21*.adoc: include from ./common, not ../commonOliver Smith16-131/+131
Change hardcoded ../common paths, which will break when moving the project specific manuals in other repositories, to ./common so they use the dynamically created symlink that always points to the right path. (moving manuals to project repositories 8/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: Id984f5e85481f7877567ee6d21f7ca455d773ef1
2018-11-21*filter.conf/*.sty: use symlinks to build, commonOliver Smith7-8/+25
$(OSMO_GSM_MANUALS_DIR) is used in most places to reference to the top dir, which contains "build" and "common". But not in the asciidoc mscgen filter configurations, and in the custom LaTeX style. They have ../common or ../build hardcoded, which won't work anymore when the project specific files will be in another repository. Update the Makefiles to create symlinks to "build" and "common" in the dir where the build was started. Use ./common in the files that had ../common hardcoded, and do the same for ./build. Update the comment to refer to common targets in general, so we don't need to list each single one there (like the new 'common' and 'build' targets). I've also thought about using variables there, but this would only work for the asciidoc files, not for the .sty file. We would need to generate the latter from another file and replace the variable dynamically. Having the symlinks instead seemed to be slightly easier. (moving manuals to project repositories 7/19) Related: OS#3385 Change-Id: I4cfd1a9ef482d382f10cdf060e8e2cba81852864